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In Remembrance

The Foundation of New York State Nurses has grown from an idea generated by New York’s nursing leaders in 1975 to a vibrant, multifaceted organization dedicated to advancing the nursing profession. The growth of the organization would not have been possible without the commitment, support, and belief in the goals of the Foundation by these influential nurse leaders. We will be ever grateful to their efforts.


 Sylvia M. Barker, MA, RN  Mary Elizabeth Carnegie, PhD, RN
 Susan J. Fraley, MS, RN  Janet P. Mance, DLH (Hon)., MN, RN
 Erline P. McGriff, EdD, RN, FAAN  Kathleen Hoover Papes, PhD, RN
 Laura L. Simms, EdD, RN  Margaret G. Tyson, EdD, RN
 Mary Mary Catherine Finnegan, RN



Mary Catherine Finnegan, RN