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The Nightingale Award

The Nightingale Award is given annually by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of New York State Nurses to an individual/(s) or organization whose actions mirror the legacy and accomplishments of Florence Nightingale:  leader, mentor, educator, researcher, a woman before her time, organizer, developer, bold in the face of adversity, and passionate about nursing and patient care.

  • 2018  New York Organization of Nurse Executives & Leaders (NYONEL)
  • 2017  Bellevue School of Nursing Alumnae Association
  • 2016  Bonnie and Mark Barnes, Co-founders of the DAISY Foundation
  • 2015  Barbara and Donald Jonas, Founders of the Jonas Center


Veronica M. Driscoll Award

The Driscoll Award is given annually from the Board of Trustees to an individual who stands out through his/her dedication and determination in supporting the Foundation of New York State Nurses in their efforts to increase public knowledge and understanding of nursing, the nursing profession, and the arts and sciences on which human health depends.  The Driscoll Award seeks to recognize those individuals who epitomize the standards and values for which Veronica M. Driscoll stood.

  • 2018 Dianne Cooney Miner, PhD, RN, CNS, FAAN
  • 2017 Rona F. Levin, PhD, RN
  • 2016 Mary J. Finnin, MS, RN
  • 2015 Barbara Zittel, PhD, RN
  • 2014 None
  • 2013 None
  • 2012 Robert V. Piemonte, EdD, RN
  • 2011 Margaret C. Heagarty, MD, HonDMS
  • 2010 None
  • 2009 Linda D. Sickler, AAS
  • 2008 Cecilia F. Mulvey, PhD, RN
  • 2007 Janet P. Mance, MN, RN & M. Janice Nelson, EdD, RN
  • 2005 Margeret G. Tyson, EdD, RN
  • 2005 Beatrice M. Latremore, MS, RN
  • 2004 Erline McGriff, EdD, RN, FAAN & Laura Simms, EdD, RN
  • 2003 Catherine Leach, RN
  • 2002 Cathryne A. Welch, EdD, RN