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Founding Partners

NYSAC Founding Partners


• Founding Partners are any organization, business, academic institution, or group who wants to be recognized as part of the strategic alliance focused on achieving the IOM Future of Nursing recommendations to advance the health of New Yorkers through nursing.
• Founding Partners are committed to assisting in the achievement of one or more of the IOM report recommendations in New York through collaboration with other coalition partners and the NYSAC leadership groups.
• Founding Partners provide feedback about their activities to the NYSAC to strengthen network-building in support of the goals.

Founding Partners can also participate in the Coalition as a Sponsor or Funder. Sponsors and Funders are entities that commit financial support toward the NYSAC.


No financial commitment is required to join the NYSAC but Founding Partners must finance own expenses related to involvement (travel, hotel, fees).


What does NYSAC provide to Founding Partners?

1. Founding Partners will receive recognition as a Founding Partner on all NYSAC publications, websites and public events.
2. Founding Partners will receive invitations to participate in all regional or statewide NYSAC activities and receive copies of minutes/proceedings from major meetings.
3. Founding Partners will be given opportunities to network with other Founding Partners across the state.
4. Founding Partners will be provided with all educational materials and resources developed by NYSAC.

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