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Volunteering at the Center for Nursing

Our volunteers are an integral part of the work accomplished at the Center for Nursing. The selfless contributions of their time and talents are important and deeply appreciated, and help to enable the Center to continue to move forward with its mission and vision: preserving and honoring the history of nursing, increasing the understanding of what nurses do and why they are integral to health care, and to advance the profession so nurses can continue to care for patients with compassion, competence, and expertise.

Here are some of the items that the Center’s volunteers have assisted with:

  • Processing of collections for the CNH. Collections such as the Teachers College Nursing Education Alumni Association (TCNEAA); the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA); and the New York Counties Professional Nurses Association (NYCPNA, which is the former District 13).
  • Assist with our ongoing oral history projects, as both interviewers and transcribers; and
  • Assist with setting up displays, both here at the Center and in the community.

For more information on volunteering at the Center for Nursing, please contact Deb Elliott at


Supporting the Center for Nursing

The work of the Center for Nursing is supported by the generosity of those dedicated to the nursing profession and by those with whom the nursing profession has touched their lives. By supporting the Center for Nursing, you are supporting all of the programs that the Center supports and directs. You enable us to preserve the history of nursing, of the why’s and how’s of where nursing has been and where it is going. You are enabling us to continue to keep in the forefront the challenges and obstacles that face the nursing profession and how it directly impacts public health and safety. You enable us to continue to research and gather research results of changes within the nursing profession.

You are making it possible for us to continue with our vision and mission that began nearly forty years ago:

“….to increase the public knowledge and understanding of nursing and the nursing profession and of the sciences and arts on which human health depends…”

With your support, you can make the impossible possible. Join the Center for Nursing as we move forward to make the nursing profession stronger and better able to meet the needs of tomorrow. We appreciate your generosity and support!!!