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Welcome to the NYS e-Repository for Nursing Scholarly Works!

This e-repository will serve as a resource for those who are seeking colleagues engaged in similar types of research or projects, for those seeking to find best practice documented by nurse experts, and for students who are seeking mentors and/or resources to guide them in their academic endeavors.

Submit a scholarly work

Research, evidence-based and other quality improvement projects need to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for inclusion in the e-repository:

  • Completed projects that have been vetted by an academic institution, healthcare facility, organization or the Virginia Henderson International Library.
  • Relevant to nursing practice, the profession of nursing, the healthcare of the public and/or related arts and sciences
  • Authored by at least one Registered Professional Nurse currently licensed in NYS
  • Authorization to post received from all authors on the project
  • By submitting a project to be posted on the e-repository, the author(s) give permission for The Center for Nursing to post their work as submitted. Should an author desire at any time to have their work removed from the e-repository they may do so by submitting the request to do so in writing to the Executive Director.
  • Author(s) are responsible to obtain permission from their organization or institution before submitting works that were done as an employee.
  • Primary author will be notified by email when their project has been posted.
  • Submissions not meeting required criteria will be returned for further information or revision.
  • Works in question will be referred to the Center for Nursing Research Editorial Committee for review and approval.

Definition: The NYS e-Repository for Nursing Scholarly Works(c) (e-repository) is an electronic directory of research (published and unpublished), evidence-based projects, and other quality improvement projects (such as poster presentations, dissertations, white papers, etc.) that have been done by nursing students and nurses living and/or working in New York State

This is the abstract format required by the journal, Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing: Linking Evidence to Action and therefore recommended for use by those submitting works to the e-repository. Please limit your abstract to 250 words or less.