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Marjorie Elizabeth Goodier Hemenway

Marjorie Elizabeth Goodier Hemenway was a graduate of St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing in Utica. Her collection contains historical nursing books and texts from the late 19th century through the 1940s, papers from her involvement in the St. Luke’s Alumni Association, and various nursing artifacts and tools.


Marjorie Elizabeth Goodier Hemenway Papers   (MC27)

Compiled by    Ashley Todd March 15, 2011
University at Albany, SUNY
Partial fulfillment for requirements of MSIS Degree


VOLUME: 4.5 cubic feet
ACQUISITION: The items in this collection were donated to the Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses, in two accessions during 1998 by Lewis Hemenway, Marjorie Goodier Hemenway’s son.
ACCESS: This collection is open to the public by appointment.
COPYRIGHT: Please consult the repository for information about duplication or publishing of any materials from this collection.
Marjorie Goodier Hemenway Papers (MC27), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses, Guilderland, NY

Biographical Sketch

Marjorie Elizabeth “Betty” Goodier Hemenway was born June 19, 1914. She graduated from St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing, Utica, NY in 1936. Mrs. Hemenway worked briefly as a staff nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital, but acted primarily as a private duty nurse and was known to manage the difficult patients well. She remained an active member of the St. Luke’s Alumnae Association from the time of graduation into the 1960s and even served as President in 1964. Mrs. Hemenway passed away in March 1998.

In 1869 St. Luke’s Hospital was founded in Utica, NY, as St. Luke’s Home, and twenty years later, in 1889, the School for Nurses was established. In 1949 St. Luke’s merged with Utica’s other hospital, Utica Homeopathic (later changed to Utica Memorial), and was renamed St. Luke’s-Memorial Hospital.

Scope and Contents Notes

This collection contains records regarding private duty nursing at St. Luke’s-Memorial Hospital, Utica, NY, during the 1930s-70s, including registration cards, handwritten notes, prescriptions, permits, nurses’ charts, roll books and record books. It also includes records of the St. Luke’s-Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association during the 1930s-70s, such as by-laws, alumnae lists, clippings and speeches. It also contains a wide variety of nursing equipment, including bandages, a nurse’s surgical attire, nursing tools in original packaging, medicine containers, antique pharmacy boxes, syringes and assorted needles; and a fair amount of books and publications relating to the nursing profession. The collection also contains a navy cape and two dress uniforms that were previously transferred to the Foundation’s Artifacts and Memorabilia Collection (MC6, textile box 4).

The collection has five series: 1. Professional Papers 2. St. Luke’s Alumnae Association 3. Publications 4. Books 5. Equipment. The materials within the Professional Papers series are arranged chronologically. The materials in the St. Luke’s Alumnae Association series are arranged alphabetically due to a scarcity of provided dates. The Publications series is also arranged alphabetically and the Book series is arranged in call number order. The materials in the Equipment series are arranged by medium where possible, but otherwise mostly unarranged.

Series Descriptions

Series 1: Professional Papers
 This series is composed of records relating to private duty nursing in the 1930s-60s, including notes, registration cards, record books, charts and roll books.
Series 2: St. Luke’s Alumnae Association
 This series is composed of records relating to the St. Luke’s Hospital (which later became the St. Luke’s-Memorial Hospital) School for Nurses Alumnae Association, including bylaws, clippings, lists of graduates and speeches.
Series 3: Publications
 This series is composed of pamphlets and booklets pertaining to the nursing profession. Topics include homecare, emergency training, nutrition, natal care and contemporary challenges within the nursing profession.
Series 4: Books
 This series is composed of late 19th-early 20th century books regarding the nursing profession, including encyclopedias, textbooks, handbooks and dictionaries. Topics include surgical and obstetrics nursing, dietetics, hygiene and homecare.
Series 5: Equipment
 This series is composed of nursing equipment, including bandages, a nurse’s surgical attire, nursing tools in original packaging, medicine containers, antique pharmacy boxes, syringes and assorted needles.

Box and Folder List

Series 1: Professional Papers

Box 1

    1. Photograph   “Gladys Cook, 1933, St. Luke’s Hospital”
    2. Notes, 1935-42
    3. 83D Examination for Registered Nurses, 1936
    4. Nurse’s Bill and Record Books, Apr. 1936-Dec. 1939
    5. Nurse’s Bill and Record Books, Dec. 1939-Aug. 1944
    6. Registration Cards, 1936-77
    7. Permits   St. Luke’s Hospital, 1937
    8. Nurse’s Medical and Fever Charts, 1942
    9. Prescriptions, 1945 and undated
    10. Rules for Private Duty Nurses   St. Luke’s Hospital, 1949
    11. Graphic Charts   St. Luke’s Hospital, 1959-60
    12. Nurse’s Medical and Fever Charts, 1959-60
    13. Nursing Record   St. Luke’s Hospital, 1960
    14. Roll Books, 1960

Series 2: St. Luke’s Alumnae Association

    1. Booklet Materials for St. Luke’s-Memorial Alumnae
    2. Bulletin, St. Luke’s-Memorial School of Nursing, [1957]
    3. Bylaws, Alumnae Association of St. Luke’s Hospital Training School for Nurses, 1927-60
    4. Bylaws, Lucy M. Kellogg Relief Society, Inc., 1955
    5. Clippings
    6. Copy of Clipping, “Utica Nurse Earns Citation for Gallantry in Iceland,” undated
    7. Commencement Programs, 1938, 1967
    8. Correspondence, 1964
    9. Florence Nightingale Pledge, framed
    10. Graduates of St. Luke’s 1889-1966
    11. Graduates of St. Luke’s 1893-1949
    12. Graduates of Utica Homeopathic and Utica Memorial Hospital 1901-67
    13. History of the Utica Memorial Alumnae Association, 1956
    14. Pamphlet, St. Luke’s Hospital, 1973
    15. St. Luke’s Alumnae Association Presents The Mariners, 1954
    16. Speeches

Series 3: Publications

  1. “American Red Cross First Aid Textbook, Supplement No. 3: The Application of Traction Splints.” 1942.
  2. “The Baby’s ‘American Birthright.'” 1944.
  3. Bundesen, Herman N., Dr. Our Babies: Their Feeding, Care and Training. 1945.
  4. Circolectric Universal Hospital Bed. 1963.
  5. “Emergency Sanitation at Home.” 1960.
  6. “Fallout Protection.” 1961.
  7. “Guide for Nurses.” 1954.
  8. “Guide for Nurses” supplement: “Emergency Treatment and Techniques in Aid Stations.” 1956
  9. “Health Heroes: Marie Curie.” undated.
  10. Hospital Auxiliary of St. Luke’s-Memorial Hospital. [1966].
  11. Leading Decisions of the United States Supreme Court: Baker vs. Carr. 1962.
  12. McCalls. March 1964.
  13. “Natural Birth Control.” 1939.
  14. “New Variety in Meal Planning for the Diabetic.” 1958.
  15. “Poor Richard’s Lactopeptine Almanack for ye Doctor Anno Domino 1911.” undated.
  16. “Problems Schools of Nursing Face.” The News Tribune. undated.
  17. Rice, Edith M., RN. “If I Forget.” 1930.
  18. “Welcome to Your New Hospital! St. Luke’s-Memorial Hospital Center.” 1957.
  19. “What to do Until the Doctor Arrives.” 1966.

Series 4: Books

  • deKruif, Paul. The Fight for Life. 1938.
  • Goodnow, Minnie. Outlines of Nursing History, fourth ed. 1931.
  • Greer, Joseph H. We Humans. 1939.
  • Kerley, Charles Gilmore, MD. Short Talks with Young Mothers. 1909.
  • Martin, H. Newell. The Human Body. 1898.
  • Miller, Henry Wise. All Our Lives: Alice Duer Miller. 1945.
  • Parton, James. Daughters of Genius. 1885.
  • Pattee, Alida Frances. Practical Dietetics in Health and Disease. 1931.
  • Trillings, Mabel and Williams, Florence.A Girl’s Problems in Home Economics. 1926.

Series 4: Books

Box 2

  • American Red Cross First Aid Text-Book. 1937.
  • Beck, Amanda K. Reference Hand-Book for Nurses. 1936.
  • Berger, Henry I., MD. Diagnosis of Cardio Vascular Diseases. 1931.
  • Berger, Henry I., MD. Diagnosis of Genito-Urinary Diseases and Syphilis. 1929.
  • Berger, Henry I., MD. Encyclopedic Diagnosis of Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System. 1932.
  • Berger, Henry I., MD. Encyclopedic Diagnosis of Nervous and Mental Diseases. 1932.
  • Blumgarten, A.S., MD. Textbook of Materia Medica. 1932.
  • Cabot, Hugh, MD and Mary Dodd Giles, RN. Surgical Nursing. 1934.
  • Delano, Jane A. American Red Cross Text-Book on Home Care of the Sick. 1918.
  • Dorland, W.A. Newman, MD, ed. American Pocket Medical Dictionary. 1932.
  • Ellis, Havelock. The Psychology of Sex. 1933.
  • Emerson, Charles Phillips, Essentials of Medicine: A Textbook of Medicine. 1933.
  • Ewing, Juliana Horatia. Last Words: A Final Collection of Stories. 1891.
  • Harmer, Bertha. The Principles and Practice of Nursing. 1932.
  • Health “To Have and To Hold.” 1926.
  • Kenyon, Josephine Hemenway, MD. Healthy Babies are Happy Babies. 1945.
  • Kimber, Diana Clifford and Carolyn E. Gray, RN. Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology. 1932.
  • Lyght, Charles E., MD, ed. The Merck Manual. 1966.
  • Roberts, Jay G. Manual of Bacteriology and Pathology for Nurses. 1932.
  • Smiley, Dean Franklin, MD, Gordon Adrian Gould, MD and Elizabeth Melby, RN. The Principles and Practice of Hygiene. 1932.
  • Van Blarcom, Carolyn Conant, RN. Obstetrical Nursing. 1934.

Series 5: Equipment

Box 3

  • Bandage Ties, cotton
  • Blue Taffeta Storage Bag
  • Cotton, raw
  • Cotton Lap Pad
  • Heat Lamp
  • Marvel Violet Ray and Manual, in original case
  • Nylon Stockings x8
  • Surgical Smock, cotton
  • Surgical Cap, cotton
  • Surgical Face Mask, cotton x5
  • Surgical Socks, white
  • Triangular Bandages, cotton x2
  • Vibrator Massage and Manual, in original case
Box 4

  • Acme Sterilized Gauge Bandage
  • Adrenaline, glass ampoule
  • Asepto Thermometer, Becton, Dickinson and Co.
  • Bay’s Gauze Bandage, 10yds, 1″
  • Bay’s Gauze Bandage, 10yds, 2″ x2
  • Bedpan, enamel
  • Caffeine Sodium Benzoate, 2cc ampoule
  • Camphor in oil, glass ampoule x2
  • Clamos, metal
  • Connectors, glass
  • Crest Face Bottle, in original box
  • Dermal Suture, Bauer and Black
  • Dermal Suture, non-absorbable, Bauer and Black
  • DeVilbiss Nose and Throat Atomizer, in original box
  • Disposable Glass Syringes, 2cc. 25g. 5/8″, Becton, Dickinson and Co.
  • Emesis Basins, ceramic x2
  • Ergot, glass ampoule
  • Forceps, metal
  • Funnels, plastic and glass
  • Glass Bottle and Top
  • Hot Water Bottle x2
  • Hot Water Bottle DN-510, Armstrong, in original box
  • Infundin, ampoule
  • Instrument Bath, enamel
  • Irrigation Heads, glass/li>
  • Johnson & Johnson® Linton Gauze Bandage, 6yds, 1½”
  • Koroseal Gravity Flow Syringe and instructions
  • Lilly Test Tube No. 50, Eli Lilly and Co., glass x2
  • Measuring Spoons, plastic
  • Medicine Glass Cover and Marker with Pill Tray, Meinecke & Co.
  • Parke-Davis Economy Pad, Absorbent Gauze, 16 Ply, 20/12 Mesh
  • Pill Bottle, plastic
  • Pill Container, metal
  • Pill Valise
  • Pituitrin Sterile Solution, Parke, Davis and Co.
  • Pituitary Solution Squibb, ampoule
  • Rectal Tubes 20″, BF Goodrich, in original box
  • Rectal Tubes, Armstrong, in original box
  • Sands Trade Super X Stainless Steel Hypodermic Needles 23ga.x¾
  • “Stanley-Quality” Surgical Needles, Berbecker Needles, No. 3, Stanley Supply Co
  • Stocking Emergency Kit
  • Sucaryl® advertising bottle, glass x2
  • Thermometer, in wooden housing
  • Triangular Bandage, 40″, in original box
  • Twill Tape
  • Urine Sugar Test Case, Sheftel and Lilly
  • VIM Stainless Steel Hypodermic Needles, MacGregor Instrument Co.
  • Yale Regular Point Hypodermic Needles, Becton, Dickinson and Co.
  • Yale Insulin Syringe No. 1YI-40-80 and Needle, in original box, Becton, Dickinson and Co.
  • Yale Insulin Syringe No. 1YTI-80, Becton, Dickinson and Co.
Box 5

  • Enema Can, ceramic coated
  • Foille, 6 ¼oz Gelatin Tubules
  • Johnson & Johnson® Absorbent Cotton, ¼oz
  • MF Co. Adhesive Bandagest
  • MF Co. Adhesive Bandage, Plastic with Tefla® Pad, in original box
  • MF Co. Sting-kill® Swabs, in original box
  • Peterson’s Ointment, South Utica Pharmacy box
  • Pill Bottles, glass
  • Quinine Sulfate, South Utica Pharmacy box
  • Randall’s Pharmacy box
  • Red Cross Bandage, 10yds, 1″ x3
  • Red Cross Bandages
  • Rexall® First Aid Kit, metal tin
  • Slides and Form from Utica Department of Health for checking for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Sodium Salicylate, glass tube
  • South Utica Pharmacy box
  • Tongue Depressors, wooden
  • Vial of Life Information, plastic, undated

Gertrude B. Hutchinson March 17, 2011

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