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2019 Center for Nursing Research Annual Meeting


Data Visualization Literacy as a Nursing Competency

by Cyd Villalba, 2017 Research Fellow

2018 Evidence-Based Practice Workshop


Opening Session: Differentiating Research, EBP & Quality Improvement


Evidence-Based Practice Awareness Project

Evidence-Based Practice Improvement Model

Pulling It All Together

References from Darlene Del Prato

References from Priscilla Worral

Session 1: Beginning the Journey – Evaluating the Evidence


Reference List

Session 2: Continuing the Journey – Skill Development for Implementation, Evaluation, and Sustainability


PowerPoint Presentation by Bonnie Lauder & Yvonne Johnston

Evaluation Activity

Gap Analysis Activity

Sustainability Activity

References from Yvonne Johnston

Session 3: Advancing the Culture of EBP – Refining Your Project


Edifices of Evidence

Documenting an EBP Project

Levels of Quantitative Evidence for Effectiveness of Therapy

Evidence Summary Table

Search Strategy Table

 Project Template