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Miscellaneous Small Manuscript Collections

Miscellaneous small manuscript collections include letters, reports, speeches, awards, diplomas, examination papers, photographs and miscellaneous materials. These records provide information on the development of nursing in New York state. Included are papers of Janet P. Mance, president of NYSNA from 1974-1975. Other notable items are papers of NYSNA leaders Beatrice Van Homrigh Stevenson and Marion Sheahan Bailey; an 1878 letter from Florence Nightingale; and correspondence of Lavinia Dock which provides information on and insight into the political activities and liaisons involved in the passage and signing into law of New York’s Nurse Registration Bill of 1903. Also included are the records of some small nursing organizations such as the Schenectady R.N. Club.


Finding Aid for the Miscellaneous Small Manuscript Collections   (MC5)

Compiled by Gertrude B. Hutchinson November 2008


VOLUME: 24.5 cubic feet
ACQUISITION: The items in this collection were donated to the, Foundation of New York State Nurses Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History in multiple accessions by various donors between 1989 and 2010.
ACCESS: This collection is open to the public by appointment.
COPYRIGHT: Please consult the repository for information about duplication or publishing of any materials from this collection.
Miscellaneous Small Manuscript Collections (MC5), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses, Guilderland, NY

Collection History

This dynamic artificial collection began in 1989 with nurses contributing artifacts from their alma maters and their careers. Many schools of nursing represented in this collection include: Lincoln Hospital, St. Catherine’s Hospital, Albany Memorial, Prospect Heights Hospital (Brooklyn), Long Island Hospital, Samaritan Hospital, Ellis Hospital, The Troy Hospital (now known as St. Mary’s Hospital), Presbyterian Hospital, Genesee Hospital, Syracuse University, Craig Colony Hospital, Fulton Montgomery Community College, St Joseph’s Hospital, Champlain Valley School of Nursing and Willard State Hospital.

Scope and Contents Notes

This collection consists of papers, publications and ephemera representing various donors and schools of nursing. There is only one series presented as an inventory box and folder list.

Box List

Documents from the 1st year (1995) of the Statewide Peer Assistance of Nurses Program (SPAN) when Kavanugh was the appointed the initial director.

Box 1
Gilston, Jennifer (daughter of S. S. Downing)
Stella Simone Downing’s Amsterdam City Hospital Nursing School papers, 1929-1931
Charts, 1933, 1952
Pamphlets, 1941-1957
Refresher course materials, 1967
Clark, Jim
Jeanne Pentz’s nursing school notes (photocopies), c.1914
Britten, Mary X.
Photographs of activities at St. Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing, Yonkers, NY, 1950s
Valoon, Patricia
Annie Goodrich: Her Journey to Yale,©1950
Box 2
Binley, Otilia
Personal papers, 1915-1973
Birkhead, Susan Freisem
Myra Hannah Freisem letter, 1973 (SEE ALSO: MC 6, Box 23)
Higgens, Alice
Poem, c.1948 (found by District #15 NYSNA Historian Edith M Waldeman)
Kennedy, Lina
Nursing examination papers, 1914
Matheny, Ruth
Papers, 1952, 1960, 1971, 1975 (SEE ALSO Over size Box 2)
Nightingale, Florence
Letter, 1878
Lavinia Lloyd Dock Papers, c.1901, 1939
Regalia, Ethel
RN licensing exam, 1926
Stevenson, Beatrice van Homrigh
Personal Papers, 1913-1962 (SEE ALSO: Oversize Box 1)
NYSNA Report 1914-1937
Nurse Practice Act Information 1913-1938
New York City Training School for Nurses
1896 Diploma, NYC Training School for Nurses
Feldhusen, Elizabeth
Health News, 1944
Metzler, Paula
Gertrude Dain Wilens’s Papers, 1920s (Alumna of Rochester General Hospital) (SEE ALSO: Oversize Box 3)
District #15 NYSNA
Minutes, 1936-1940
Box 3
District #12 NYSNA
Board and regular meeting minutes, 1948-1970
Box 4
DelBalzo, Joyce
Papers, 1953, 1993
The Velvet Band, A. Barton Hepburn Hospital SON yearbook, 1952, 1953
Swanson, Janet Thomas
Letters, RN licenses, tributes from memorial services,
(12) photographs, 1957-2000
Steen, Ivan D.
U. S. Postage Stamps (4 block): 3-cent Clara Barton; 4-cent Nursing
Hasselbarth, Charlotte
Commemorative Calendar”125 Years of St. Peter’s Hospital,” 1994
Kramer, Marlene F. PhD, Doctoral Dissertation: Some Effects of Exposure to Employing Bureaucracies on the Role Conceptions and Role Deprivation of Neophyte Collegiate Nurses, Stanford University, 1996.
Lacy, Marlene Cerserlitch
Nursing Fundamentals Procedure Book, Nathan Littauer Hospital SON, 1956-1959 SEE ALSO MC6, Textile Box 9
Newman, Nancy
Irene Lavitt’s (Newman’s mother) Senior Class Book, Connecticut Training School, New Haven; 1924.
Picture of Irene Lavitt (sepia; framed), 1924.
Rafson, Dorothy Thorardson
Certificate and work history, 1929-1966
Box 5
Elkan, Maxine
American Red Cross badge and correspondence, 1945
Bellevue Training School for Nurses circular of information, 1924
Case studies 1-3, 1933
Correspondence, 1928-1940
ICN card, correspondence and issue of Nursing World, 1957
Long Island College Hospital School of Nursing commencement programs, 1927
Membership and identification cards, 1931-1990
Montefiore Hospital School of Nursing memorabilia: booklets, 1925-1932;
Montefiore Echo graduation program, 1927-1928; nurse’s pin and cap, undated; diploma, 1928
Nursing Today with article galleys, January 1938
Post-graduate course certificate, 1933
Reference and employment correspondence, 1950-1953
RN license, 1928
Box 6
Heffron, Celia
Photograph, news clippings and eulogy, 1970, undated
Crouse Irving Memorial School of Nursing, Class of 1938
Peters-Donaldson, Linda
“Mount Sinai-An Ideal Hospital,” architecture class paper, 1988
Intervale Registry for Nurses Advertisment Card (NYC), undated
Mulvey, Cecilia
“Your Friend the Visiting Nurse” pamphlet, c.1930
Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada stamps, 1997
Mahaffy, Perry R. & Veronica L.
Edward J. Meyers Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Dedication of Historical Area program, commemorative tile and photographs (taken by the Mahaffys)
Box 7
Arena, Kathleen Pryce
Mary Immaculate Hospital School of Nursing Papers
Anatomy class notes, 1946
Early history of nursing class notes, 1946
Student handbook, 1947
Nurse’s kit, c.1950
Whalen, Geraldine
Kings County Hospital papers and yearbooks, 1943-1947
Newsletters and photographs
Box 8 St. Catherine’s Hospital SON
Borgia, Florence
St. Catherine’s Hospital School of Nursing faculty picnic photo, c.1959
Photo includes Veronica M. Driscoll
Sister Mary Caritas
St. Catherine’s Hospital School of Nursing memorabilia (SEE ALSO MC 7)
McMahon, Kathleen
Catherine Sprufera St. Catherine’s School of Nursing Memorabilia, 1918-1964(SEE ALSO: MC 6, Textile Box 3)
McGinn, Kay
St. Catherine’s School of Nursing Memorabilia, 1959-1962 including 1962 yearbook, photographs, diploma and others; School cape(SEE ALSO: MC 6, Textile Box 3)
Box 9
Casbeer, Mary Jane
Jennie Butler, Clifton Springs Hospital School of Nursing, 1926
Memorabilia including medical dictionary, publications, diploma, license, photographs, postcards and pins, 1925-1960
Box 10
Mason, Esther
Lincoln School for Nurses yearbook, 1947
Lincoln School for Nurses yearbook, 1949
LSON 1957Yearbook belonging to Susie Bailey Richardson
LSON Alumnae Association Luncheon Program, 1961
Isler, Charlotte
Poster: “Excellence in Nursing at Mount Sinai: 1881-1971”
Simpson, M. June
Articles of photographs of Clara Weeks Shaw
Catalog of Florence Nightingale Collection, Columbia University/Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, 1956
Profession correspondence 1966-1987

  • Text Book of Nursing by Clara S. Weeks, 1889
  • Text Book of Nursing by Clara S. Weeks Shaw, 1902
  • Notes on Nursing by Florence Nightingale, 1860
Box 11  
Burton, Anne Jones
YearbooksThe Skull, 1949, 1950
Obstetrics lecture notes, 1949
Burton, Anne Jones
Typed lecture notes during 1948
Employment Application
Box 12
Albany Memorial Hospital Alumni Association
Records, 1981-1993
Video: “Alumni Remembrances 1897-1989” (SEE ALSO: AV section of Archive)
Hoskins, Helen
Correspondence and memorabilia, 1956-1962
Davison, Barbara
Memoirs and copies of photographs.
Hutchinson, Gertrude B.
School of nursing, Memorial Hospital, Albany, NY, Circular of Information, 1935.
Box 13
Horan, Eileen
Bound book of Chautauqua School of Nursing Lectures, c. 1925
Box 14
Drake, E. Diane
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital School of Nursing (Utica, NY) student papers and some books. Student notes also taken during psychiatric nursing affiliation at Marcy State Psychiatric Hospital.
Box 15
Stoklosa, Suzanne
Elsie Marie Rathke school notes, some labeled “Children’s Hospital, Akron, OH” Dated 1929-1931 (SEE ALSO: MC 6, Box 3 and Textile Box 3)
Box 16
Godden, Jane
St. Phillip School of Nursing (Richmond, VA) memorabilia
Cap and pin, c.1945
Bulletin, 1946
“The Light” yearbook, 1945
Oral History, 1999 (SEE ALSO: AV section of Archive)
Box 17
Bosher, Frances
Schenectady RN Club Records 1927-1998
Box 18
Harrison, Dorothy
Mabel Keaton Staupers memorabilia
Scrapbooks, awards and honors, publications, correspondence, and other papers, 1948-1996
Box 19
A2001   Sisko, Frances Sherwood “Procedure Notes” and 11 texts used by Francis Sherwood while she was in nursing school at St. James Mercy Hospital SON in Hornell, NY
Boxes 20 – 24
Hofmann, Clara Personal papers, Central Islip State Hospital materials, Civil Service Law, Nurses House, nursing ethics, nursing publications, NYSNA, 1949-1994
Nursing publications, NYSNA convention material, NYSNA convention canvas bag, 1969-1990
Public Employees Federation publications and information, Employment and retiree legislation and information, Gero-psychiatric nursing papers, correspondence, NYS Office of Mental Health, 1979-1987
Framed awards and certificates, professional papers, 1978-1992
Box 25
Mance, Janet P.
NYSNA papers, 1970-1981
GVNA, ANA Activities
Keuka College grant files 1969-1980
Box 26
Wittmann, M. Elaine
ANA papers including clippings, correspondence, Public Education Task Force, meetings, March of Dimes, 1970-1980
Box 27
Walsh, Jean Publications, predominantly, by the National League for Nursing, c. 1959-1979
Box 28
Specht, Robert E.,
Specht, Patricia
Specht, Judith
Robert E., Patricia and Judith Specht materials from Central Islip State Hospital SON and Pilgrim State Hospital SON including nursing publications, photographs, news clippings, and school publications, 1946-1978
Box 29
Finnin, Mary J.
Eileen Griffin Finnin papers, 1937
Newspaper article “Central Islip …”, 1980
Photograph of C. Trunzo and Clara Hofmann, 1980s
The Quilt: Stories from the NAME Project by Cindy Ruskin, ©1988; Bumper sticker “Remember their Names: The AIDS Memorial Quilt”
Along the Way, publication of Central Islip Hospital School of Nursing, 1938 and 1952, belonging to Alice Sherlocke O’Mara, Class of 1938. (Photocopy of 1952 issue)
Box 30
Tyson, Margaret G.
Photograph scrapbook recognizing M. Tyson’s nursing career, accomplishments, and retirement, 1982
Notes from Sabbatical year, 1970
Distinguished Service Award, SUNY Binghamton, 1982
Video – DVD Interview (SEE ALSO: AV section of Archive)
Ferrario, Joyce
Formal Oil Portrait of Margaret G. Tyson – on display
Box 31
Galkin, Ellen Sanders
Kathleen Anne Radicke Hoover Papes Papers and Memorabilia, 1980s – 2008 including diplomas from Kindergarten to framed Doctor of Education from Florida Atlantic University, 1998.
Memorial Service, 2008
Educational and Employment records and contracts with Barry University, FL [RESTRICTED ACCESS]
Awards given by ANA, Nursing Students Association, NYSNA, Sigma Theta Tau (STTI), 1988-2008 (SEE ALSO: Oversize Box 3)
Box 32
Kane, Shirley
Calendars “1921 Florence Nightingale,” “1925 Early Schools of Nursing”; AJN 1901, 1915, 1916, 1917; Annual Report of the NLNE, 1922; five other text; graduate uniform from Albany Memorial Hospital
Box 33
Woods, June D., and James
Willard State Hospital SON photographs and memorabilia 1964-1967. Senior Yearbook; textbooks used by James Woods for continuing education classes; June’s caps and cape. (SEE ALSO: Oversize Box 1)(SEE ALSO: Textile Box 7, MC6)
A2010-10 Rooney, Mary Jane Gable 1969 Letter of enrollment as Red Cross Nurse (No. 266036); b&w photograph of capping ceremony at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital (Darby, PA), 1949; capping pledge
Box 34
Berdy, Anastasia T.
Memorabilia, photographs, small artifacts belonging to Wilhelmina Raymond including nursing diploma from Paterson General Hospital Training School for Nurses (Paterson, NJ), graduate and anesthesia pins; photographs from student and Cadet Corps days, Frontier Nursing Service, Mercy Hospital, Long Island, NY. Obituary and bulletin from Memorial Service.
Box 35
Eaton, Patricia
Memorabilia belonging to Anna May Hickey Coyne including 1921 Graduation program from The Troy Hospital (now St. Mary’s Hospital), (1) B&W photograph with inscription “Joe Kelly, Ella McShane, Helen McCabe, and Margaret,” undated; (1) B&W postcard inscribed “Chapel at The Troy Hospital;” (2) notebooks from nursing school, 1916-1921; materials about St. Mary’s Hospital: Biannual Report, 1989, 1990, and ContactNewsletter, 1991; Nurses Alumnae Assoc. of The Troy Hospital, 1924 and Constitution/Bylaws, rev. 1921.
Textbooks: Bundy, Elizabeth R., MD, Textbook of Anatomy & Physiology, 4th ed., 1916
Bumgarte, A. S., Materia Medica for Nurses,2nd ed. revised, 1917
Cary, Harry W., MD, Bacteriology for Nurses,1915
Gould, George M., 35,000 Medical Words
Maxwell, Anna Caroline and Amy Elizabeth Pope, Practical Nursing, 3rd ed., 1914
(SEE ALSO: Oversize Box 2)(SEE ALSO: Textile Box 8,and Artifact Box 25, MC6)
Box 36
Sikso, Frances Sherwood
11 textbooks and one folder of “Procedure Notes used by donor during her years of nursing school at St. James Mercy Hospital SON, Hornell, NY, 1952-1955.
Box 37
Scrapbook created by Gladys Van Tassell, Student Nurse, Prospect Heights Hospital [Brooklyn, NY], Class of 1933.
Box 38
A2014-38 Kiskadden, Joyce Book: “The Hospital of the Good Shepherd School of Nursing at Syracuse University” – memoir of her mother’s experience in nursing school (1932) and Ms. Kiskadden’s experience with her own nursing education at Buffalo General Hospital School of Nursing (1958)
 Box 39
A2016-08 Kavanaugh, Kathleen P Documents from the initial year, 1995, of Statewide Peer Assistance for Nurses(SPAN), a program on NYSNA, during Kavanaugh’s directorship.
Oversize Box 1
Driscoll, Veronica
Diploma, Columbia University Doctor of Education, 1976
ANA Hall of Fame induction poster, 2002
Clair, Virginia
Kate Florence Sharp RN license, 1906
Pollard, Cindy
Life magazine, featuring cover photo of a nurses’ aid, June 8, 1942
Hiestand, Wanda
Certificate of Registration for Laura Franklin Training School, 1905
Gurney, Cynthia A.
Poster of Florence Nightingale (modern rendering)
Woods, June D., and James
Photograph, 8×10″ Elmhurst City Hospital Affiliation Class, 1965-1966. (SEE ALSO: Box 33)(SEE ALSO: Textile Box 7, MC6)
Oversize Box 2
Framed calligraphy of The Nightingale Pledge, undated
Matheney, Ruth
Two awards given to Ruth Matheney from New York University, 1960
Department of Health Education & Welfare Public Health Service (framed and matted)
Hoffman, Clara Plaque “Who’s Who in American Nursing, 1986
Oversize Box 3
Galkin, Ellen Sanders
Kathleen Anne Radicke Hoover Papes Papers and Memorabilia, 1980s – 2008
Framed Doctor of Education from Florida Atlantic University, 1998.
Awards given by ANA, Nursing Students Association, NYSNA, Sigma Theta Tau (STTI), 1988-2008 (SEE ALSO: Box 31)
Loose On Shelf
Marion Sheahan Bailey negatives- portrait and certificate of registration
Mulvey, Cecilia
Volumes 1-4 of Cherry Ames Series: Cherry Ames Student Nurse; Cherry Ames Senior Nurse; Cherry Ames Army Nurse; Cherry Ames Chief Nurse
Statuette: “Nurse Pill” strong>on display

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