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Central New York Nursing Collaborative to Advance Research and Evidence-Based Practice (CNY-NCARE)


CNY-NCARE Mission Statement

To facilitate the collaboration of research activities through the conduct and promotion of research and the use of evidence-based practice to improve patient care in Central New York (CNY).


Vision Statement

Bringing evidence to the point of care.



Elevate nursing research activities and the application of evidence-based practice to improve the health outcomes of the Central New York community.



1. Determine barriers to information literacy in CNY

2. Communicate research and EBP activities among colleagues in CNY.

3. Generate synergy through the collaboration of nursing research/EBP activities in CNY.

4. Offer conferences and workshops to disseminate current research activities and innovations.

5. Inform stakeholders of our mission, goal, and objectives.

6. Promote any and all activities deemed necessary to advance research and evidence-based practice.



Please send your name, email address and affiliation to Joshua Purcell, MS, RN at


CNY-NCARE Minutes & Bylaws

2017 Bylaws

2017 Minutes

2018 Minutes

2018-2019 Annual Report

2019 Minutes