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Ann M. Lewis Collection

Ann Madeline Lewis, a graduate of St. Catherine’s Hospital School of Nursing (SON) in Brooklyn, NY and St. John’s University, NYC worked at St. Catherine’s SON for 18 years. Later, she worked for the State Education Department as an Associate in Nursing Education for 20 years. Her records include personal and professional papers, photographs, and ephemera from her childhood, education and retirement spanning 1914-2006.

Index code: MC44

Finding Guide:

Finding Aid for the Ann Madeline Lewis Papers and Memorabilia  1914-2006   (MC44)

Compiled by   Alexandra Bernat, Graduate Student, University at Albany, SUNY

Partial fulfillment for requirement of MSIS Degree, February 2011


VOLUME: 3.7 cubic feet
ACQUISITION: Rita Mawn, Executrix of the Ann M. Lewis estate, donated the collection to the Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses Association on May 24, 2006.
ACCESS: This collection is open to the public by appointment.
COPYRIGHT: Please consult the repository for information about duplication or publishing of any materials from this collection.
Ann Madeline Lewis Collection, 1914-2006 (MC 44), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses, Guilderland, NY

Biographical Sketch

Ann Madeline Lewis was born in Saranac Lake, NY January 9, 1914 to Robert and Mary Ellen Lewis (maiden name Tierney). She was the youngest of three children. Ann Madeline Lewis, called Madeline or “Bunny” by many, moved to Farmingdale, Long Island sometime before the 1933 school year. She graduated from Farmingdale High School in 1935. Her ambition to become a nurse was clear to her schoolmates, who prophesized in the yearbook she would be working at Farmingdale Hospital. [1]

After high school Miss Lewis enrolled in St. Catherine’s Hospital, School of Nursing. She received her Diploma in Nursing in 1938. She started working at St Catherine’s in 1941 becoming part of their training school Staff. While Miss Lewis was working at St. Catherine’s Hospital she was working on her Bachelors of Science degree from St. John’s University. She graduated in 1946. In 1955 Ann Lewis, while still working at St. Catherine’s Hospital, received her Masters of Arts in Education from New York University. Her specialization was in administration of personal services in nursing. At the end of her career at St. Catherine’s Hospital Miss Lewis was the Assistant Director in Nursing Education after 18 years of service.

Upon leaving St. Catherine’s Hospital in 1959 Ann Lewis was hired by the State Education Department’s Office of Nursing Education. As Associate in Nursing Education, Miss Lewis worked tirelessly to improve the quality of nursing schools’ programs. Upon her retirement Ann Lewis felt both rewarded and satisfied at her 20-year tenure at the State Department of Education.[2]

November 22, 1979 Ann Lewis retired back to Saranac Lake. However, her efforts in the field of nursing where never forgotten. While in Saranac Lake, Miss Lewis helped care for patients who came for “the cure” for Tuberculosis; she was seen by many as a master clinician in this respect.[3] Toward the end of her life she was also a supporter of the Foundation of the New York State Nurses Association (now the Foundation of New York State Nurses), donating and contributing regularly to their mission. Miss Lewis was also an invested member in her religious community. Ann Madeline Lewis died March 3, 2006 in Saranac Lake.

Scope and Contents Notes

This small collection includes personal and professional papers, as well as, ephemera of Ann Madeline Lewis spanning her life, 1914-2006. The papers include mementos from her education at St. Catherine’s Hospital School of Nursing (SON) and papers written for her alma maters at New York University- including diplomas and grades. There are also a great number of papers from her retirement and involvement with the Foundation of New York State Nurses.

There is a large photographic series within the collection including family albums, class pictures and professional photos. These photos speak a great deal about Ann Lewis’ life and friendships. Many of the women she went to school with and taught later on became life-long friends.

Last, there are ephemera including class rings, school pins, yearbooks, children’s books and cloths, and dolls. These items are memorabilia from each series in the collection and make evident the friendships that Ann Lewis had throughout her life.

Series Descriptions

Series 1: Childhood, 1914-1935
 This contains mostly ephemera from Ann Lewis’ childhood. There are baby clothes as well and children’s books and toys including a stuffed bear and a rocking chair. There is also a folder of high school papers including her yearbook and diploma.
Series 2: Education, 1936-1966
 This series includes yearbooks and school papers from her years at St. Catherine’s Hospital School for Nurses and her Masters work at New York University. While she did attend St. John’s University the only evidence is a diploma and some pins. This series also contains the nurse’s cap she received at her capping in 1936.
Series 3: Retirement, 1979-2006
 This series has cards, letters and papers from Ann Lewis’ retirement from the State Education Department in 1979. Most of the documents are congratulations and well wishes from friends and colleagues.
Series 4: Personal Papers, 1972-2003
 Ann Lewis’ personal papers include newspaper clippings, mementos, correspondence, and eulogies. The newspaper clippings are about friends and colleagues such as Veronica Driscoll. The correspondences have some letters from colleagues and friends as well as birthday and Easter cards. The eulogies are of mostly nursing friends from her early years, people she had known for years including Breda Nolan, Veronica Driscoll, and Ruth V. Matheney.
Series 5: New York State Nurses Association, 1979-2004
 This series includes two different types of materials: Publications of the New York State Nurses Association from 2002-2003 and letters of thanks from the Association for Ann Lewis’ donations over the years. The collection also contains a framed certificate honoring her on her 90th birthday for her dedication to nursing.
Series 6: Indian School for Practical Nursing, 1960-1984
 This series contains books, dolls, and pictures from the Indian School of Practical Nursing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ann Lewis’ long-time friend and classmate, from St. Catherine’s SON, Tosh (or Tony) Bienkowski worked in the school in the 1960s. There books from the curriculum taught and a pamphlet containing information of what the school had to offer its students.
Series 7: Photographs, 1914-2006
 This series contains photographs both in albums and loose from Ann Lewis’ personal and professional life.
Series 8: Awards and Ephemera, 1914-2006
 This series contains awards, degrees and honors from Ann Lewis’ personal and professional life.

Box and Folder List

Series 1: Childhood, 1914-1935

Box 1

  1. High School Diplomas and Yearbooks, 1935
  2. Children’s Books

Items in box: stuffed bear, christening gown, baby shoes, doll dress

Series 2: Education, 1936-1966

Box 3

    1. St. Catherine’s Hospital School of Nursing (SON) Diploma and caps
    2. St. Catherine’s Hospital SON Yearbook, 1944
    3. St. Catherine’s Hospital SON, 1936-2006
    4. New York State University papers/grades, 1952-1955 [1 of 2]
    5. New York State University papers/grades, 1958-1966 [2 of 2]
    6. St. Catherine’s Hospital SON Yearbook, 1959

Series 3: Retirement

    1. Retirement Letters/Cards, 1979 [1 of 3]
    2. Retirement Letters/Cards, 1979 [2 of 3]
    3. Retirement Letters/Cards, 1979 [3 of 3]

Series 4: Personal Papers

    1. News clippings, Papers and Ephemera, 1972-2003
    2. Correspondence, 1940-2003
    3. Eulogies, 1973-1994
    4. Recognition Plaque
    5. Framed Apostolic Blessing

Series 5: New York State Nurses Association

    1. Correspondence, 1970-2004
    2. Publications and News clippings, 2002-2003

Series 6: Indian School of Practical Nursing

  1. Photographs and News clippings, 1960-1984

Items in Box:

  • Two Indian School Dolls
  • Department of Hospital Nursing. The Head Nurse at Work,National League for Nursing.
  • Dickens, Margaret L. Fluid and Electrolyte Balance: A Programmed Text
  • Gould, George M. 40000 Medical Words Pronounced and Defined
  • Lambertson, Eleanor C. Nursing Team Organization and Functioning
  • Matheney, Ruth, Breda T. Nolan, Alice E. Hogan, Gerald J. Griffin. Fundamentals of Patient-Centered Nursing, 3rd ed.
  • Morrissey, Alice B. Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Newcomb, Dorothy Perkins. The Team Plan: A Manual for Nursing Service Administrators
  • Roberts, Mary M. American Nursing: History and Interpretation

Series 7: Photographs, 1914-2006

Box 3

  1. Labeled Professional Photographs
  2. Labeled Personal Photographs
  3. Unlabeled Professional Photographs
  4. Unlabeled Personal Photographs

Items in Box:
Five personal albums

Series 8: Awards and Ephemera, 1914-2006

Box 4

  • St. Catherine’s Hospital SON trophys
  • New York University (NYU) Alumnae plate
  • Lewis family crest ashtray
  • Pins and rings
  • Foundation of New York State Nurses paperweight
  • Ann Lewis’ card paperweight
  • Conference ID badges

  • NYU Diploma
  • St. John’s University Diploma
  • 90th birthday photograph
  • St. Catherine’s Hospital SON Class of 1938 photograph
  • Photograph of Dot and unknown soldier
  • Photo Album of Retirement Party
  • Wedding photograph, Ann Lewis as bridesmaid
  • Framed photograph of Ann Madeline Lewis and Antoinette (Tony) Bienkowski
  • Framed papal blessing

Unboxed item of Shelf: Children’s toy Rocking Chair
Unboxed Item on Textile Rack: Ann Lewis’ St. Catherine’s Hospital SON Cape

  • [1]  Ann Madeline Lewis Collection, 1914-2006 (MC 44), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses, Guilderland, NY, Box 1, Folder 1 “Yearbook,” p 2.
  • [2]  Ann Madeline Lewis Collection, Box 2, Folder 7.
  • [3]  “Ann Lewis,” Archivist Subject File, Foundation of New York State Nurses Association

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