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Artifacts and Memorabilia

Artifacts and memorabilia from various donors. Included are a public health nurse’s bag used at the Schenectady Visiting Nurses Association, ca. 1918, a collection of glass slides depicting the history of nursing, a nurse’s delivery bag, and a nurse’s kit used in private duty practice.


Finding Aid for the Artifacts and Memorabilia Collection   (MC6)

Compiled by Gertrude Hutchinson December, 2006


VOLUME: 29.5 cubic ft. including 8 textile boxes
ACQUISITION: The items in this collection were donated to the Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses in multiple accessions by various donors between 1989 and 2009.
ACCESS: This collection is open to the public by appointment.
COPYRIGHT: Please consult the repository for information about duplication or publishing of any materials from this collection.
Artifacts and Memorabilia Collection (MC6), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses, Guilderland, NY

Collection History

This dynamic artificial collection began in 1989 with nurses contributing artifacts and ephemera from their alma maters and their careers. Many schools of nursing represented in this collection include: Binghamton City Hospital, St. Catherine’s Hospital, Albany Memorial, Lincoln School, Long Island Hospital, Samaritan Hospital, Ellis Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital, Genesee Hospital, Syracuse University, Craig Colony Hospital, Fulton Montgomery Community College, and Champlain Valley School of Nursing.

A portrait of nursing leader Adelaide Nutting and The Life of Florence Nightingale, a book bearing an inscription by Miss Nutting, are two of the artifacts. Uniforms, caps and capes enrich this collection. Also included are a public health nurse’s bag used at the Schenectady Visiting Nurses Association, ca. 1918. Teaching tools such as a collection of glass slides depicting the history of nursing or the scales with nineteen jars of “raw materials” (botanicals for medicines) and the Bellevue Hospital Formulary give insight into how students learned about pharmacology at St. Mary’s School of Nursing in Amsterdam, NY, circa 1920.

Scope and Contents Note

This collection consists of artifacts, textiles and ephemera representing various donors and schools of nursing. There is only one series presented as an inventory box and folder list.


Box and Folder List

St. John’s University SON full uniform, cap, photographs and copy of the History of the S Albany Memorial Hospital SON caps worn by Mrs. MerrickDemitasse Cups/Plates used at the NY Hospital SON ResidenceLSN Cap worn by Susie Bailey Richardson, Class of 1957.  Publicity cup – NYSNABrick from Anna C. Maxwell Hall at The Presbyteritan Hospital Artifacts: caps & doll from Burbank Hospital SON (Fitchburg, MA) belonging to Patricia Zanio Roberts, NYS nurse St. Catherine Hospitalape worn by Margaret M Mawn Yuen –

Artifact Box 1
James, E. Jane
Hypodermic kit belonging to Clara Bauer Batterson, a graduate of Albany Memorial Hospital SON 1934
Van Deusen, Dorothy D.
Nursing stamp pin, c.1998
Davison, Barbara
Memorial Hospital SON class ring, 1959
Haskins, Helen
Memorial Hospital Alumnae Association membership card, ANA membership card, gold cross pin, Russell Sage College pendant, cufflinks, 1962-1963
Burt, Marieke
Ziekenverpleging Wet pin and glass syringe kit belonging to Janna G. Nienhuys, Marieke Burt’s mother, a Dutch nurse, undated
Schmidt, Mildred/Cathryne A. Welch
Sophie Palmer, Board of Nurse Examiners name plaque, v. small, undated
Pasqua, Kathleen
St. Catherine’s Hospital School of Nursing class ring,
1959 Small, souvenir ceramic mug from St. Catherine’s Hospital SON, undated
Brathwaite, Harriet
Brooklyn College SON graduate pin
Tiny manila envelope of buttons, nails, screws, etc.
2 RN Shield-style pins, undated (SEE ALSO Artifact Box 8)
Artifact Box 2
Stanley, Jane Stark
Blanche Esther Love memorabilia: glass syringe, glass tuberculin syringe; gold pencil; class ring; Binghamton City Hospital diploma; 2 Registered Nurse licenses; cap, c.1926-1927
Registered Nurse cards, 1927-1933
Fiftieth Anniversary certificate, 1976
Birth certificate, reissued, 1943
Artifact Box 3
Kings County Hosp
Bible, 1849
Artifact Box 4
Baron, Martha
Nassau Hospital
Accessories for Mrs. Chase (stored on chair in the archives): bedpan, emesis basin, bath blanket, robe, socks and corsage; mortar and pestle; white china(?) invalid feeder cup; hypodermic syringe and needle in sterilized packaging; Johnson & JohnsonTM adhesive tape container; AnacinTM container;
(dates of artifacts vary)
Artifact Box 5
Baron, Martha

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  • Brown, Esther Lucile. Nursing as a Profession. Russell Sage Foundation: New York, 1940.
  • Dock, Lavinia L. and Isabel M. Stewart. A Short History of Nursing. G.P. Putnam’s Sons: New York, 1920. Fourth Edition, 1938.
  • Harmer, Bertha. Text-book of the Principles and Practice of Nursing. The MacMillan Company: New York, 1927.
  • Nightingale, Florence. Notes on Nursing. J.B. Lippincott Company: Philadelphia, 1992 (Commemorative edition).
  • Nutting, M. Adelaide and Lavinia L. Dock. A History of Nursing. G.P. Putnam’s Sons: New York, 1907 (2 volumes).
  • Peplau, Hildegard E. Interpersonal Relations in Nursing. G.P. Putnam’s Sons: New York, 1952.
  • Rudd, T.N. The Nursing of the Elderly Sick. J.B. Lippincott Company: Philadelphia , 1954.
Artifact Box 6
Keenan, Elsie
Nurses kit, possibly military, undated
Florence Nightingale puzzle, undated.
Framed picture of stained glass window featuring an image of Florence Nightingale, inscribed with “Notes on Nursing,” undated.
Framed copy of “A Nurse’s Prayer,” 1963
2 RN shield pins, undated. (SEE ALSO Artifact Box 1)
Lillian D. Wald, Hall of Fame for Great American, NYU medallion, 1971
Welch, Cathryne
Sairy Gamp pitcher, undated.
Plaque- University at Albany School of Nursing award in memory of Christine E. Sturtevant, 1976-1979
“School of Nursing” sign, undated.
Artifact Box 7
Kennedy, Kathleen
Saratoga Hospital patient care award to Jean Brooks, signed by Rita C. Kopf, 1990
1965 State of New York Department of Mental Hygiene, School of Nursing manual, 1965
A2002-18 Council of Nurse Practitioners Presbyterian Hospital
Stone, Marian
NYSNA Lobbying Pins (x13)
Roush, Arlene
A Handy Guide to First Aid by Jane Carlton Zwetch, c.1937
Artifact Box 8
DeMarco, Gail
Bellevue Hospital Formulary, with scales and 19 jars of “raw materials” for medicines, including belladonna root and leaf, ephedra, ergot, digitalis and many others used in the instruction of student nurses at St. Mary’s School of Nursing, Amsterdam, NY, c.1920
Artifact Box 9
Wood, David
Natalie Wood’s visiting nurses bag and framed class photo (probably Eudowood Sanitorium), c.1915
Crowell, Elaine
Glass termometer in netal pocket case used by E. M. Rathke
Artifact Box 10
Leach, Catherine
memorabilia- framed photos, awards, diplomas and RN license, nursing school pin
Artifact Box 11
Mary Finnin
Two visiting nurse bags, c.1950
One infant stethoscope, c.1960
Artifact Box 12
John PhillipsA2006-22
Anonymous donor
Adelaide Nutting memorabilia: photographs

The Life of Florence Nightingale with “Sarah Tooley” inscribed by Nutting.
National League of Nursing medal (gift of Teachers College via M. Louise Fitzpatrick) and pitcher (donated by Margaret G. Tyson).

Artifact Box 13
Atkinson, Mark
Alma Drescher’s (Atkinson’s mother) Long Island Hospital School of Nursing Memorabilia, 1936
Cape from Long Island Hospital School of Nursing (SEE ALSO Textile Box 5)
Artifact Box 14
DiBlasio, Jo
Ceramic fracture pan
Gardner, Janet
Desktop Sphygmomonometer belonging to her father, Dr. Judson Gilbert of Schenectady
Artifact Box 15
James, E. Jane
Travel valise (?) used by Marion Monroe Merrick (Mrs. Alden Chester Merrick)
Artifact Box 16
Fulton Montgomery Community College
Training films and audio tapes, 1960s
Artifact Box 17
Haran, Marie Lois Davin
Brooklyn Hospital School of Nursing memorabilia: Capping lamp with candle, commemorative ashtray 75th Anniversary of BHSON, 50th Anniversary Reunion photographs/booklet Class of 1952; scrapbook; Nurses House memorabilia
Araldi, Mary-Jane
Albany Medical Center School of Nursing student cap.
Artifact Box 18
Araldi, Mary-Jane

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Artifact Box 19
Araldi, Mary-Jane

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Artifact Box 20
Metzler, Paula
Gertie Dain’s memorabilia from Rochester Hospital School of Nursing
Artifact Box 21
Birkhead, Susan
Myra Hannah Freisem’s Cap from Ithaca City Hospital SON, and two other caps – one from Red Cross.
Moved from MC 5 Collection. October 2008
Artifact Box 22
Tubis, Rita
Instrument Kit in leather case engraved “Emma M. Ober-Lenox Hill Hospital, November 27, 1934”
small doll in uniform and cap; bandage scissors; diploma holderSEE ALSO MC 5
Artifact Boxes 23 & 24
Sault, Jessica
Albany Medical Center Archive
Caps worn by employees of Albany Medical Center. Most caps are from NYS Schools and Colleges of Nursing; other caps represent alma maters of nurses educated outside NYS
Artifact Boxes 25
Gurney, Cynthia A.

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Artifact Box 26
Woolsey, Audrey
Albany Hosptial-Union University Commemorative Plate, Homecoming 1954
Artifact Box 27
Rosner, Beatrice Ruth F. Wilson Award, 1995 given by the Home Care Assoc. of NYS, Inc.
Artifact Box 28
Behrman, Edna Krane St. John’s University SON: full uniform & cap; photographs and copy of the History of the SON
Artifact Box 29
  Albany Memorial Hospital SON Caps worn by Mrs. Merrick
Artifact Box 30
O’Regan, Elaine Demitasse cups and plates used at the NY Hospital SON Residence
Artifact Box 31
Richardson, Susie Bailey Cap from LSN SON worn by S. B. Richardson, Class of 1957; publicity cup NYSNA
Artifact Box 32
Minio,Julie Red Cross cap and shoes worn by donor; capholder
Artifact Box 33
Gerserlitch, M. Memorabilia of M. Gerserlitch, 1959 Class of Nathan Littauer Hospital SON: gradutate pin & cap; student uniform, bib, apron; base of “Nightingale Lamp” from capping ceremony
Artifact Box 34
A2000-8; A2012-05 Mahoney, Elizabeth A. Brick from the Anna C. Maxwell Hall at The Presbyterian Hospital, NYC, given to EAM, 1985; “Rosie the Riveter” cloth promotional bag; 8 small text books
Artifact Box 35
Valoon, Patricia Display Tray: “Duquesne University SON Nursing Alumni Association – Distinguished Alumni Award 2010, Patricia Valoon, RN, BSN, MSN, Class of 1965;” Tray crafted by Wendall August Forge: “WestnPENNA Hospital SON Alumni Association
Artifact Box 36
Finnin, Mary
Photo Box 1
Wood, David
Public school class photos, c.1907
Mance, Janet P.
Framed picture “V.A.N.C.N.Y. 1890 Community Health in Syracuse.” ON DISPLAY
Oversize Box 2
Valoon, Patricia Multiple awards from the White House, NYU spanning 1980s-2010s; some have letters of attestation with them
Textile Box 1
Mulvey, Cecilia
St. Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing cape, undated
Casbeer, Mary Jane/
Jennie Butler
Genesee Hospital School of Nursing uniform, c.1950
Red Cross apron
Civil Defense Corps cap
Blekkenk, Ruth
Craig Colony Hospital School of Nursing cape and uniform
Mason, Ethel Wise
Lincoln School of Nursing cape
Brooks, Carolee Fauth
Syracuse University School of Nursing cape
Textile Box 2
Barton, Sister Mary
Champlain Valley School of Nursing uniform, undated
Textile Box 3
Crowell, Elaine
E.M. Rathke’s cape, undated
Rose, Joseph
Binghamton General Hospital School of Nursing cape worn by Margaret Mary DiLello Rose, 1948.
Moore, Christine Ronan
St. Catherine’s Hospital School of Nursing cape worn by Christine Ronan, 1958
Textile Box 4
Fortinach/O’Day, Veronica
Wagner College, dark green wool nurse’s cape, undated.
Yetman, Ann
Cape belonging to Esther M. Morrow, undated.
Donahue, Irene
St. P (St. Peter’s Hospital SON?) cape, undated.
Hemenway, Lewis
2 white uniforms and 1 navy blue cape with yellow lining with “St .L.S.N.” on collar, worn by his mother, Marjorie Elizabeth “Betty” Goodier Hemenway, undated.
Textile Box 5 This large textile box also holds items from MC5 and MC7.
A2002-42 Oil cloth banner commemorating Bellevue Hospital nurses’ actions in the wake of the World Trade Center attacks of September, 11, 2001, autographed by a large number of people, 2001
Welch, Cathryne
Cape, Robert Packer Hospital, Ayer, PA, 1959
Sampson, Deborah A.
Cape from Benedictine Hospital School of Nursing, Kingston, NY.
Atkinson, Mark
Cape worn by Alma Drescher (Atkinson’s mother), Long Island College Hospital School of Nursing, 1936
(SEE ALSO Artifact Box 13)
Academic Hood worn by Mary Sheahan BaileySEE ALSO MC37
Textile Box 6
A1993-27 Uniforms, stockings, Red Cross cap, cape from Albany Memorial SON – “M.H.” stitched on collar – used by Marion Monroe Merrick (Mrs. Alden Chester Merrick)-Class of 1934.
A2008-33 Araldi, Mary-Jane Albany Medical Center School of Nursing (AMCSON) tee shirts with various nursing sayings c. 1966, navy blue wool sweater with AMCSON patch
Textile Box 7
Phil Maples Baker-Cederberg Museum and Archives
Rochester General Hospital cape and caps
Strong Memorial Hospital Cape (donated by Arlene Van Halle);
Woods, June and James
Willard State Hospital SON cape worn by June Woods.
Textile Box 8
Gosden, Susan Hession
3 Uniforms: Candy Striper uniform worn by donor 1965-1966;
Alfred University Student Uniform and name pin – Class of 1970;
Red Cross uniform handmade of brown linen and matching tote and white kerchief with Red Cross on band.
Shepard, Michael
North Country Community College student uniform from the first ADN RN class in 1970.
Textile Box 9
Welch, Cathryne A. St. Catherine’s Hospital SON cape worn by Margaret M. Mawn Yuen
Loose Items on Shelves
A1981 3 wooden boxes of glass slides. “”History of Nursing,”” used at Pilgrim State Hospital.
Elizabeth Mahoney
Brick presented in appreciation to Elizabeth Mahoney from The Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia Presbyterian), 1985
Oversize Items
Rolltop Desk used by the Director of nursing of Kings County HOspital-on display in the main lobby.
Bookstand used to hold Bible SEE ALSO Artifact Box 3-on dislay in the R. Louise McManus Library.


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