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CPE Advisory Council


The St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Center for Public Education (hereafter referred to as the CPE) Advisory Council exists to: educate the public about what nurses do and why they are integral to the health care delivery system; promote public and professional education; address the nurse faculty capacity issues; nursing recruitment and retention; and to increase the visibility of the Center in the nursing community and the public.

We will accomplish our purpose by the following goals and objectives:

  • Promote and advance public education
    • Offer programs in wellness promotion, illness prevention and treatment
    • Review ongoing standards of health and public health issues
  • Promote professional education and advancement
    • Support the objectives of the Institute for Nursing addressing the nursing workforce and faculty capacity issues
    • Seek opportunities that support the advancement of nursing education
    • Monitor higher education for issues relevant to nursing education
    • Provide scholarship to support professional RNs advancing their education by awarding the St. Luke’s Nurse Educator Scholarship Program (for advanced practice nurses at the masters or doctoral level) or the Dr. Barbara Zittel Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing Scholarship Program (for diploma or associate registered nurses pursuing their BSN)
    • Support the work of the Future of Nursing NYS Action Coalition (FON NYSAC) to advance the profession
    • Provide scholarships to support professional RNs advancing their education
    • Communicate with the academic, practice communities and professional nursing organizations to identify opportunities for collaboration
  • Increase the visibility of the CPE
    • Provide public educational programs
    • Provide professional educational programs
    • Market the activities of the CPE
      • Inform nursing colleagues of the mission, purpose and activities of the CPE
    • Ensure information on the CPE homepage is current
  • Promote the financial support of the CPE
    • Seek fundraising opportunities
    • Secure scholarship funds
    • Identify potential grantors and funders