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New York & Vermont Magnet Hospital Consortium Charter


Purpose:  To build relationships through collaboration and mentorship to sustain the Magnet® culture and increase understanding of nursing excellence in the region.

Membership: Program Directors and other nurses from Magnet® Hospitals, those on the “Journey to Excellence®”, and those considering or moving toward application.


  • Provide a collegial forum for networking among Magnet® hospitals, those on the “Journey to Excellence®”, and those considering or moving toward application.
  • Share exemplars of nursing excellence and best practices.
  • Develop a model for cultural exchange among participating hospitals.
  • Identify the needs of participating hospitals.
  • Provide “meet and greet’” for interested NY/VT hospitals at the annual Magnet® conference.
  • Maintain a contact list of Program Directors, those who represent hospitals on the Journey to Excellence®” and those considering or moving toward application.
  • Provide education to New York and Vermont nurses regarding the Consortium.


  • One annual face-to-face meeting each June at the Foundation for NY State Nurses Center for Nursing Research.
  • One annual face-to-face meeting at the Magnet® conference.
  • Other meetings arranged using virtual meeting format.
  • Communication takes place through electronic meeting minutes, calls, emails and webinars.
  • Facilitator and co-facilitator volunteer to organize meetings, prepare the agenda, facilitate meetings and write and distribute minutes

News and Events


  • NY/VT Magnet Consortium October 2017 Meeting

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 Maureen Altieri, Chairperson –

Jane Stratton, Co-Chair –


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