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2018 Future of Nursing Summit

Dr. Watson

Dr. Watson & Co-Lead

Student Panel


Student Panel

Afternoon Panel


Dr. Watson

Katie & Meredith

Yoga Session


Susan Apold

Dr. Watson and Other


Lynda, Lisa, and Wendy

Dr. Watson

Dr. Ahmed

Afternoon Panel

Dr. Watson and Lynda


Dr. Watson and Lisa

Student Panel

Afternoon Panel

Dr. Watson and Kathy

Dr. Marks

Oils Session

Afternoon Panel


PowerPoint Presentations from the 2018 Future of Nursing Summit


Caring Science/Caring Theory: Advancing Nursing Education/Practice via Professional Caritas Practice Model

Dr. Jean Watson

Caring Science in the Classroom

Student Education Panel

Registered Nurse – Heal Thyself

Dr. Lynda Dimitroff

Integrating Caring Science in Practice

Dr. Wendy Marks

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