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National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) are working together to identify exemplary practices on behalf of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), as part of our work on the Nurse Practitioner Support and Alignment Network (NP SAN). CMS is developing a registry of exemplary practices to support movement towards value-based reimbursement structures at the public and private level. This is our chance to highlight the critical role nurse-leadership plays in practice transformation.

An exemplary practice is one that meets the following criteria:

1. Sets bold aims related to patient health and value, and meets those aims
2. Engages patients and families in their care
3. Advances critical aspects of nurse leadership and nurse-led care

Does Your Practice Meet These Criteria? Please take a few minutes to complete this brief online survey. If chosen, your practice will be recognized by CMS and given the opportunity to share your success story with providers, patients, and payers. We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate every response received.