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Future of Nursing

New York State Action Coalition


Our History

In 2008 the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) partnered with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to study how the nursing profession would need to change to address the nation’s most pressing health care challenges. The recommendations that came from this report, “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” became the basis for a national initiative called the Campaign for Action. In partnership with the AARP and stakeholders across healthcare industry, the Campaign for Action works to address health care access,    quality and costs by utilizing nurses more effectively and preparing the nursing profession for the future.

In October 2010, New York State Action Coalition (NYSAC) was designated as one of the five initial pilot Action Coalitions to advance the Future of Nursing

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 The NYS Action Coalition advances public health by fully utilizing nurses.

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We invite all stakeholders of health care to join our efforts: nurses, physicians, social workers, therapists, hospitals, clinics, payors, pharma companies, associations, patients, caregivers & all New Yorkers!