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Advancing the Education of Registered Professional Nurses to the Baccalaureate Degree: New York’s Journey is a meticulous, remarkable chronical of the multifaceted 16-year effort that culminated in the achievement of a goal of the nursing profession long sought after, but heretofore eluded. This volume details the choreography of dedicated seasoned nursing leaders mobilizing a vast nursing collective to educate diverse audiences, within and without the profession, about the relevance of nursing education to the economics, quality and safety of patient care and the healthcare delivery system – and to persuade those audiences to work in concert for passage and gubernatorial approval of a legislative proposal often previously regarded as misguided at best and discriminatory and impractical at worst. 

This detailed and inspirational case study of an ultimately successful legislative effort comprises accounts from multiple individuals involved at various levels in the process. These accounts reveal the enormous degree of individual and collective commitment, courage, stamina, and wisdom demonstrated by those engaged in the effort. Moreover, the book illuminates the intricacies and complexity of the democratic process itself, which will be an indispensable guide for future legislative efforts by the nursing profession not only in New York State but throughout the country. 

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* A portion of the book’s proceeds will be dedicated to supporting the Dr. Barbara Zittel Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing Scholarship Program. Additional donations are accepted towards the publishing and printing costs and/or the Dr. Barbara Zittel Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing Scholarship Program.