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The purposes of this methodological psychometric study were to: 1) develop a criterion-referenced instrument to provide effective documentation of knowledge of advanced practice nursing in genetics; 2) determine the validity and reliability of the instrument; 3) compare pass/fail outcomes of nurses within and outside of the genetic specialty using the instrument; 4) compare pass/fail outcomes of Masters’ prepared and non-Masters’ prepared nurses using the instrument; and, 5) compare pass/fail outcomes of credentialed and non-credentialed advanced practice nurses in genetics using the instrument. An additional proposed aim, to evaluate congruence between instrument pass/fail outcomes and Genetic Nursing Credentialing Commission (GNCC) portfolio pass/fail outcomes, was not able to be fulfilled.

The Criterion-Referenced Measurement Tool for Genetics (CRMTG) was found to be valid with a content validity index of .88 and reliable with a Cronbach’s alpha of .99 based on the findings of this study. The CRMTG pass rates indicated a significant difference between nurses who practice in a genetic setting and nurses who do not practice in a genetic setting (p < .001).

Jeanine Santelli

Primary contact person:
Jeanine Santelli
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 315-521-1496

Complete citation if published:
Santelli, J.S. (2016). Development and psychometric testing of the Criterion-Referenced Measurement Tool for Genetics (CRMTG). Journal of Nursing Measurement, 24(1).