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The objective of this study was to examine early-career frontline nurse managers’ (FLNMs’) reported educational preparedness and participation in quality improvement (QI).
Frontline nurse managers are vitally important for leading QI. However, it is not well known if they have adequate knowledge and skills to lead this important function.
We examined cross-sectional survey data from 42 FLNMs using descriptive statistics.
About 30% of FLNMs reported being very prepared across 12 measured QI skills by schools or employers and 35% reported participating in a specific clinical effort to improve patient care on their unit more than once a month. More than 50% reported having good organizational support for QI, but only about 30% reported being rewarded for their contributions to QI.
Our study highlights opportunities for development in QI for FLNMs and offers some solutions for nurse executives that can bridge the educational gaps.

Djukic, M., Kovner, C. T., & Brewer, C. S., Fatehi, F., & Jun, J.

Complete citation if published:
Djukic, M., Kovner, C. T., & Brewer, C. S., Fatehi, F., & Jun, J. (2015). Educational gaps and  solutions for early career nurse managers’ education and participation in quality improvement. Journal of Nursing Administration, 45(4), 206-211. doi:  10.1097/NNA.0000000000000186