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The Institute of Medicine, the National League for Nursing and others have recently called for seamless academic progression for nurses. In 2004, in New York State, a consortium of practical nurse (PN) and associate degree (AD) nurse educators developed a voluntary statewide “PN to RN” articulation model to promote educational mobility, designed to move PNs into the second year of an AD program. The consortium developed a curriculum for a required Transition Course, which focuses on role transition. PN articulators must also meet all admissions requirements of the AD program to which they are applying and must successfully complete any required first year liberal arts courses. In the model, PNs are awarded 12 to 15 credits in nursing for their practical nurse education. In 2005, two hospital-based associate degree programs implemented the articulation model. To date, seventy-nine articulators have been admitted; fifty-three have graduated. Of these, 83% (44/53) have achieved first time NCLEX success. This study will compare the articulators’ first time pass rates to those of the programs’ generic graduates. ATI assessment scores of the articulating students will be compared to generic student assessment scores. The challenges of implementation will be identified. This model may offer a valid approach to seamless academic progression for PNs.

Mary – Jane Araldi, MSN, RN, Memorial College of Nursing;
Susan Birkhead, CNS, MPH, RN, CNE, Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing;
Roni Cummings, MSN, RN, Samaritan Hopsital School of Nursing

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Name: Mary – Jane Araldi
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 518-471-3260

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