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To understand factors that promote retention of Newly Licensed Registered Nurses (NLRNs) and those that contribute to turnover, a survey of a national sample of NLRNs was conducted. This article describes the content analysis of 612 NLRN comments about their work life. Using Krippendorff’s technique, 5 themes were discovered. Colliding expectations describes conflicts between nurses’ personal view of nursing and their lived experience. The need for speed describes the pressure related to a variety of temporal issues. You want too much expresses the pressure and stress NLRNs feel personally and professionally. How dare you describes unacceptable communication patterns between providers. Change is on the horizon suggests optimism for the future as NLRNs speak of transforming the systems where care is provided. This content analysis reveals that the working environment where NLRNs begin their career is in need of reform. Suggestions are offered from the nurses themselves.

Linda Honan Pellico, Yale University School of Nursing
Carol S. Brewer, University of Buffalo School of Nursing
Christine T. Kovner, New York University College of Nursing

Primary Contact Person:
Name: Linda Honan Pellico
Email: [email protected]

Complete Citation, if published:
Pellico, L. H., Brewer, C. S., & Kovner, C. T. (2009). What newly licensed registered nurses have  to say about their first experiences? Nursing Outlook, 57(4), 194-203.  doi:10.1016/j.outlook.2008.09.008