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Robert Piemonte Papers

Materials of Robert V. Piemonte, EdD, RN, FAAN, a registered nurse, retired executive director of the National Student Nurses Association, and current president of the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA). He was the second male president in the Association’s 100-year history. Educated at the Pilgrim State Hospital School of Nursing, Long Island University and Teachers College, Columbia University, he has held various teaching and administrative positions in New York State and in national nursing organizations, among them the American Nurses Foundation and Nurses House. He served as Chief Nurse of the 8th Army Medical Unit. This collection contains papers and memorabilia from his professional and military nursing involvement, as well as military uniforms and many of the plaques and awards he has received over the course of his career.


Index code: MC21

Finding Guide:

Robert V. Piemonte Papers and Memorabilia  (MC21)

Finding Aid compiled by Kimberly Kunker, MSIS(c) Graduate Student, University at Albany, SUNY,  Fall 2012


ACQUITION: The items in this collection have been donated to the Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History Archive by Robert V. Piemonte. Dr. Piemonte has been donating items to the Foundation’s Archive since 1996.
ACCESSION NUMBERS: A-1996-7, A1997-11, A1998-5, A1998-21,A1999-21, A1999-27, A2007-17-18, A2008-26, A2008-85, A2009, A2010-48
COLLECTION DATES: Inclusive: 1959-2010; Bulk: 1980-2008
ACCESS/RESTRICTIONS: This collection is open to public use by appointment.
COPYRIGHT NOTE: Please consult the repository for information about duplication or publication of any materials from this collection.
PREFERRED CITATION: Robert V. Piemonte Papers (MC21), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Center for Nursing at the Foundation of NYS Nurses, Guilderland, NY


Biographical Sketch

Dr. Robert V. Piemonte was born in 1934 and has been an active nurse in New York state and on a national level for over four decades.  He graduated from Pilgrim State Hospital School of Nursing in 1965 and received his BS in Nursing from Long Isalnd University in 1967.  He then attended Teachers College, Columbia University, where he earned an MA in Medical-Surgical Nursing Administration (1968), a Masters in Education in Nursing Service Administration (1970), and a Doctorate in Nursing Education (1976).  In 1993 he received an honorary Science Doctorate from Long Island University.

Dr. Piemonte has held numerous professional positions both while he was in school and after he completed his education.  He has held several teaching positions, primarily as an adjunct professor.  He has taught at Long Island University; Teachers College, Columbia University; Hunter College, Bellevue School of Nursing; and the University of Kansas, College of Nursing.  He has held administrative positions in several state and national nursing associations, including the American Nurses’ Association, the New Jersey State Nurses’ Associaiton, Nurses Hourse, Inc.,  and the National Student Nurses Association.

Dr. Piemonte enlisted in the United States Army in 1957, and was transferred to the Army Reserve in 1959.  He served as an officer in the Nurses Corps, United States Army Reserve from the 1970s to the early 1990s.  In 1974 he was commissioned as a Captain. He was involved in the Nurse Corps Oral History Project, interviewing four nurses from 1982-1986.  He served at the 74th Field Hospital from 1979-1983, then he served as the Chief Nurse for the 8th Medical Brigade from 1986-1991.  Before retiring in 1994, he achieved the rank of Colonel.  He received many medals and commendations for his military service.

Brief Overview of Professional Career:

Here is a sampling of some of the positions which Dr. Peimonte has held during his nursing career.

Staff Nurse 1965-1966 Gracie Square Hospital Assistant Director of Nursing 1970-1971 University Hospital, NYU
Director, Nursing Services Department 1971-1972 ANA Director of Nursing & Associate Director of Operations 1972-1976 NYC HHCorp.
Associate Professor 1976-1978 Teachers College, Columbia Univ. Executive Director 1978-1980 NJ State Nurses Assoc.
Deputy Executive Director 1980-1983 National Student Nurses Assoc. Director, Division of House Board & Cabinet Affairs 1983-1985 ANA
Executive Director 1985-1996 National Student Nurses Assoc. President 1989-1990 NY Society of Assoc. Executives
Secretary 1991-1993 Nurses House, Inc. Finance Committee 1992-1993 American Academy of Nursing
President 1993-1995 Nurses House, Inc. Trustee 1994-1996 American Nurses Foundation
Member 1994-1998 National Advisory Council on Nursing Board Trustee 2014- Center for Nursing at the Foundation of NYS Nurses

Related Organizations

American Academy of Nursing (AAN) American Association for the History of Nursing (AAHN)
American Nurses’ Assocation (ANA) American Nurses Foundation (ANF)
American Red Cross, Greater NY Chapter American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
Mid-Atlantic Regional Nurses’ Assocation (MARNA) National League for Nursings (NLN)
National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) New Jersey State Nurses’ Association (NJSNA)
New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA)
Nurses Association of the Counties of Long Island, Inc. (NACLI) Nurses’ House, Inc.
Nursing Archives Associates Nursing Education Alumni Association, Teachers College, Columbia University (NEAA)
Reserve Officers Association of the United States The Retired Officers Association


Scope and Contents Notes

This collection provides an overview of Robert V. Piemonte’s career in the nursing field.  The collection contains paper records, objects, photographic materials, and textiles.  The majority of the collection is a records of Dr. Piemonte’s professional career and includes awards, speeches, and memorabilia from his many professional positions.  The collection also includes items relating to Dr. Piemonte’s military career and his involvemnt in the Catholic Church.

Dr. Piemonte served as the Executive Director of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) from 1985-1996.  The NSNA series in this collection reflects Dr. Piemonte’s administration of the organization.  These two boxes of records were donated to the Foundation as part of a larger gift which was coposed of general NSNA records.  The Foundation does contain a separate collection for the NSNA, and initally these two boxes were part of the NSNA collection.  The folders are labeled as part of the MC11 NSNA Collection.  The MC21 designation has been added to the folders in these boxes, to mark them as part of Dr. Piemonte’s personal collection.  Mixed within these boxes were some records pertaining to Dr. Piemonte’s military career.  They were moved to the military box, so that the two series would be self-contained.

Arrangement and Series Description

This collection has been organized into five series: Education 1949-1997; Military Career 1979-1994; National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) 1971-1993; ; Professional Activites 1965-2008, and Textiles.  The collection is held in 17 boxes, and one oversize folder.  There are also some loose oversize items.  In total the collection occupies 16.5 cubic feet.

Box and Folder List

Box 1: Education 1949-1997


1. Teachers College Distinguished Alumni Award: citation from TC and award program, 1997

2. A History of the National League of Nursing Education 1912-1932 [doctoral dissertation], 1976

3. Photographs: Graduation photograhs from Pilgrim State Hospital SON; negatives: images of 2 diplomas Master of Education and Master of Art

4. Early Diplomas and Certificates: Grammer School Diploma from Archdioceses of Los Angeles, 1949; high school diploma; NJ Board of Nursing Registered Nurse, 1978; University of the State of New York, Registered Nurse, 1966; State of New York Department of Health Certified Nursing Home Administrator, 1972.


Nursing Education Alumni Association (NEAA) Teachers College, Columbia University Award for Distinguished Achievement, June 16, 1986 (framed)

Robert V. Piemonte inducted into the Phi Delta Kappa at Columibia University, March 6, 1970 (framed)

Robert V. Piemonte inducted into the Alpha Zeta Chapter at Columbia University, February 13, 1980 (framed)

State of New York department of Mental Hygiene Diploma of graduation from Pilgrim State Hospital,           September 5, 1965 (plaque)

NEAA Teachers College, Columbia University Citation, June 1986  (framed)

Division of Nursing Long Island University Distinguished Alumni Award, April 6, 1984  (plaque)


Box 2: Military Career 1979-1994


1.   Certificate of Training 1982: May 22-26 Oral History Project

2.   Correspondence 1987-1997

3.   Awards: Military Officers Association of America: Robert V. Piemonte Colonel USA Retired, Life Member

4.   United States Nurse Corps Oral History Knips, 1982

5.   United States Nurse Corps Oral History Haegele, 1986

6.   United States Nurse Corps Oral History MacNamara, 1986

7.   United States Nurse Corps Oral History Project Olga C. Ricknell, 1986

8.   Highlights in the History of the Army Nurse Corps, 1987

9.   US Army Personnel File

10. US Army Materials, Certificates

11. Retirement Materials

12. Retired Reserve, July 1994: Certificate of Appreciation, 1994; Certificate of Appreciation from Commander in Chief; Life Member Reserve Officer Association of US, April 3, 1980; Military Biography; Recruiter Journal, 1994

13. The Army Commendation Medal from the War Office with orders, September 1981

14. The Army Achievement Medal from US Army, w/narrative summary, January 1983

15. The Meritorious service Medal from Us Army, w/letter of recommendation from Colonel Holland, Center of Military History, April 1987

16. Certificate of Achievement for Nursing Administration from US Army, August, 1988

17. The Meritorious service Medal from Us Army, February 1992

18. Legion of Merit form US Army, April 1994

19. Certificate of Retirement from US Army, July 1994


Lapel pins in black drawstring bag: Army Nurse Corps Association; The Retired Officers Association Life Member; Reserve Officers Association Life Member; Retired Army Nurse Corps Association; US Army Reserve; US Army Retire.

Military Medical Merit Medal

Dog Tags

Robert V. Piemonte Miliary desk name plate

US Army Nurse Corps Colonel Chief Nurse 8th Medical Brigade Medal 1986-1991 (mounted)

US Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert V. Piemonte Chief Nursing Seruvce 1 December 1979-31 March 1983 from the members of the 74th Field Hospital

Service Pins US Army Nurse Corps ceremonial coin paperwight (Note: base is in Box 11: Large Objects)

Medals: Leigon of Merit (pink bar); Meritorious Servce (pink and white bar); For Military Merit (green ribbon and green bar); Meritorious Service (pink and white bar); for Military Achievement (blue and green)-2 medals; Army Reserve Achievement (yellow, red, and blue)


Box 3: National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) 1 (bulk dates: 1980-1989; inclusive              dates: 1971-1991)


1.   Articles, 1975-1989

2.   Awards and Recognition, 1971, 80-86, 92-93

3.   Clippings, 1972-1989

4.   Clippings 1990-1993

5.   Correspondence, 1984-1988

6.   Correspondence, 1988-1991

7.   Correspondence, 1991-1993

8.   Letters of Recommendation, 1983

9.   Professional Activities: National Center for Nursing, 1982

10. Professional Activities: New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Scholarship Committee, 1985

11. Professional Activities: New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Publications Committee, 1985-1987

12. Professional Activities: New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Board of Directors, 1986

13. Professional Activities: New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Annual Meeting Advisory Council, 1986-1987

14. Professional Activities: New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Education Committee, 1986-1987

15. Professional Activities: New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Awards Committee, 1987

16. Professional Activities: New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Board of Directors, 1987  [1 of 2]

17. Professional Activities: New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Board of Directors, 1987  [2 of 2]

18. Professional Activities: New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Retreat, 1987

19. Professional Activities: Teachers College, Columbia University, 1987-1988

20. Professional Activities: American Society of Association of Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting Advisory Council, 1988

21. Professional Activities: ASAE Management Conference, 1988

22. Professional Activities: NYSAE Board of Directors, 1988

23. Professional Activities: NYSAE Committees, 1988

24. Professional Activities: NYSAE Workshop, 1988

25. Professional Activities: NYSAE President-Elect, 1988-1989

26. Professional Activities: NYSAE Board of Directors, 1989   [1 of 2]

27. Professional Activities: NYSAE Board of Directors, 1989   [2 of 2]

28. Professional Activitives: ASAE Education Committee, 1989

29. Professional Activities: Legislative Conference, 1989

30. Professional Activities: NYSAE President, 1989   [1 of 2]

31. Professional Activities: NYSAE President, 1989   [2 of 2]


Box 4: NSNA 2  (bulk dates: 1990-1991; inclusive dates: 1982-1991)


1,   Professional Activitives: ASAE Allied Society Council, 1990

2.   Professional Activitives: ASAE Education Committee, 1990

3.   Professional Activitives: ASAEMiscellaneous, 1990

4.   Professional Activities: NYSAE Board of Directors, 1990   [1 of 2]

5.   Professional Activities: NYSAE Board of Directors, 1990   [2 of 2]

6.   Professional Activities: NYSAE Nominating Committee, 1990 (1991)

7.   Professional Activities: NYSAE President, 1990   [1 of 2]

8.   Professional Activities: NYSAE President, 1990    [2 of 2]

9.   Speeches 1982, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991

10. Speeches


Box 5: Correspondence 1983-2008


1.   American Nurses Association (ANA), 1984-1985, 1995-2003

2.   American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), 1994-1995

3.   CatholicChurch Correspondence, 2001-2005

4.   Catholic University of America, 1995-2003

5.   The Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry, 1995-2001

6.   Church of the Holy Trinity, 2002-2008

7.   College of New Rochelle, 1995-1997

8.   Foundation for the New Yorkk State Nurses Association, Inc.,  1994-2002

9.   Government, 1999-2002

10. Hotel Appreciation Letters, 1994-1995

11. International, 1995-2003

12. Long Island University, 2001-2002

13. Misc. Educational Institutions, 1994-2997

14. Misc. Thank You notes, 1986, 1993-1995

15. NSNA, 1096-2007

16. New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA), 1995-2004

17. New York University (NYU), 1996-2007

18. Personal Correspondence, 1987-2004

19. Professional Organizations, 1994-2008

20. Publications

21. Sylvia Barker, 1996-1999

22. Teachers College, Columbia University, 1995-2005

23. Thank You Cards 1

24. Thank You Cards 2

Box 6: Professional Library  1986-2001


1.  Nursing Education Publications, 1986-1987: Integrating Public Policy into the Curriculum, Sally Solomon & Susan Roe (eds.); Patterns in Nursing: Strategic Planning for Nursing Education (1987)

2.  Nursing Research Publications, 1987-1988: The Evolution of Nursing Professional Organizations (1987); Paths to Knowledge: Innovative Research Methods for Nursing (1988)

3.  Readings in Nursing Research, 1988

4.  Using Nursing Research Christine A. Tanner and Carol A. Lindman, (1989)

5.  Nursing Research Publications, 1989: Reivew of Research in Nursing Education Vol. II; Nursing Vital Signs 

6.  Nursing Publications 1989: Instruments for Use in Nursing Education Research; AACN Handbook on Occupational Hazards for the Critical Care Nurse 

7.  Killing the Spirit: Higher Education in America Page Smith (1990)

8.  Environmental Health Publications, 1990-1991: Wetlands Protection: ALocal Government Handbook; Turning Things Around: A Women’s Occupational and Environmental Health Resource Guide; Environmental Issues in Primary Care form the Minnesora Department of Health. 

9.  Nursing Publications 1990-1991: “A Model for Differentiated Nursing Practice,” JONA, Vo.. 20, No. 2, Feb. 1990; “Differentiated Nursing Practice: Into the Twenty-First Century,” October 1990 session abstracts; Women and Health Policy: International Perspectives, 1991

10. Nursing Publications 1991-1994: Nursing’s Agenda for Health Care Reform; Health Care Access Problems and Policy Recommendations (published by the American Academy of Nursing, 1992); Computers in Nursing Management (publsihed by American Nurses Publishing, 1994);

11. American Nurses Association Booklets 1994: Standards and Scope of Respiratory Nursing Practice; Standards and Scope of Practice of Otorhinolaryngology Clinical Nursing Practice; Standards for Nursing Professional development’ The Schope of Practice for Nursing Informatics; Utilization of Agency for Health Care Policy and Research Guidelines

12. Nursing Pamphlets 1994-1995: Ethical Guidelines by Mary Silva; Annotated Bibliography for Ehtical Guidelines by Mary Silva

13.  Nursing Practice Publications 1995: Standards of Clinical Practice and Scope of Practice for the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner; Managing Genetic Information: Implications for nursing Practice

14. S.M.B.-A Memoir, 2001


Box 7: Professional Career 1980s-2000s (bulk 1987-2008)


1.   National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) Speeches

2.   NSNA Photographs

3.   Nursing Speeches

4.   Comptroller Photograph

5.   Various Photographs

6.   Miscellaneous Awards: American Nurses Foundation Certificate of Honor

7.   Awards 1987-1989

8.  New York society of Association Executives Publications 1990, 1994: March/April 1990 (photgraph on cover of R. V. Piemonte as president)

9.   American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Congratulatory Letters 1993

10. Awards 19929-1999: American Academy of Nursing-Certificate of Service to Robert V. Piemonte as Treasurer, 1995-97; ANA Certficate of Service as President of Board of Trustees 1996-1998

11. Award Programs 1992-1996

12. Award Programs 1997-1999

13. New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Distinguished Service Award 1994

14. R. Louise McManus Medal Support Letters 1994

15. R. Louise McManus Medal Award 1995

16. ANA Support Letters

17. ANA Honorary Recognition Award

18. ANA Award Winner Program Matherials 1996

19. Distinguished Alumni Award Teachers College 1996

20. 1998-1999: Nursing Hall of Fame Teachers College Columbia University, inducted October 8-9, 1999

21. Awards from Catholic Church 1999-2001: Custodia Fransiscalis Terrae Sanctae, February 1, 1999; Certificate of Commemoration, August 21, 2001; Certificate of Appreciation-The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, May 20, 2002

22. Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem 1999-2006 (Note: the actual vellum certificates are housed in the oversize folder):  Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (envelop): Invitation for investiture and membership information, January 1999; Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (envelop) :Membership acceptance, April 1999; Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (envelop): Certificate of Enrollment, May 19, 1999; Investiture Scroll translation, December 1999; Elevation to rank of Commander, July 7, 2003; Certificate of Elevation of rank of Commander, September 13, 2003; Elevation to rank of Commander w/Star, March 20, 2006; Certificate of Elevation of rank to Commander w/Star, September 30, 2006; Elevation Scroll translation, December 2006; Newspaper clippings from 2006 investiture mass

23. 2000-2001 Additions: Photographs, Health volunteers Overseas Service to Vietnam; Certificate of Service, October 2000

24. New York Student Nurses’ Association Photgraphs, 2001: Convention Centennial; Installation of Robert V. Piemonte as president, November 4, 2001

25. Awards 2000-2007: Certificate of Appreciation from Nurses Educational Funds, Inc., August 2, 2000; Nurses House, Inc., 30 year recognition certificate; New york Academy of Public Education membership, February 4, 2004; Notable Graduate of Long Island University 50th Anniversary Class of 1967, October 13, 2005; Certificate of Recognition ONS Foundation Circle Associate, March 12, 2007

26. Award Programs 2002-2005: Long Island University Notable Graduate: honoring the Past, building the future, October 15, 2005; American Academy of Nursing Commemorative program, November 6-8, 2008 Living Legend

27. Living Legend Program and Congratulatory Letters, 2008

Box 8: Awards 1970s-1980s (bulk 1976-1988)


ANA Delegate (purple cloth bag)

“Uniting Nurses: One Strong Voice,” San Diego Conference (white cloth bag)

Photograph (framed)

Photograph from the Alamo (framed)

New Jersey Student Nurses Asosciation: Honorary Resolution in Appreciation, October 19, 1980

The Marquis’ Who’s Who in the East, 1979-1980 (framed)

Gouverneur Hospital Outstanding Service, June 30, 1976

New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Active Member 1978-1979 (framed)

Notable American award 1976-1977 edition (plaque)

Notable Americans Award 1978-1979

Nurses Association of the Counties of Long Island (NACLI) Distinguished Service Award, December 1984 (plaque)

American Society of Association Executive (ASAE) Robert V. Piemonte designation Certified Association Executive August 15, 1988 (plaque)

Box 9: Awards 1990s (bulk 1989-1996)

American Society of Association Executives Memorandum, 1996


NYSNA Honorary Recognition, 1992

Who’s Who Worldwide Platinum Edition: Robert V. Piemonte honorary member 1992-1993

AACN Honorary Membership Award, may 1996

American Nurses Foundation salutes robert V. Piemonte for generous support of the 1992-3 capital campaign

Honorary Lifetime Membership Award from the NSNA of New York State, March 23, 1996

Robert V. Piemonte for service as president, 1989-1990 from New York society of Association Executive presented June 30, 1990  (plaque)

American Society of Association Executives: A Certified association Executive Accolade, 1996 (mounted)

Retirement letter from Governor George Pitaki, April 25, 1996

Retirement letter from Mayor Rudy Guliani, april 26, 1996


Box 10: Awards 2000s (bulk 2000-2008)


Driscoll Award given by the Foundation of NYS Nurses, 2012

Villanova University Medallion: Award sppeck, photograph, and ribbon

Award Inserts, 2000s


Villanova Univeristy College of Nursing Special Recognition Medal May 18, 1996

Certificate of Appreciation from Nurses House, Inc., April 5, 2008 (framed)

Nursing: A Tradition of Caring (5 framed medallions)

Who’s Who Historical Society recognized Robert V. Piemonte 2003-2004 edition of International Who’s Who of Professional Educators Certificate (plaque)

American Association of Nurses Eternal Fellowship to Robert V. Piemonte as Distinguished Living Legend Award

NYSNA About the Board, 2000 (plaque)

Box 11: Large Artifacts 1

Doctor of Science Hood award to R. V. P. by Long Island University, 1993

Wooden Stand

Paperweight base inscribed: Colonel Robert Piemonte april 1994 (Note: paperweight is in Military Box 2)

Clock inscribed: to Robert Piemonte New York Society of Association Executives Distinguished Service Award, 1994

White box: gavel presented to Robert Piemonte upon completion of his presidency of NYSAE

Appreciation of Service to the NSNA Executive Director by the Florida Nursing Students Association 1985-1996

Jaffa Crystal Etch box: American Organization of Nurse Executives Outstanding Service Award, 1996

Stand for American Nurses’ Foundation Award: Gavel on Stand from Nursing Chairman American Red Cross in Greater New York, November 1979-March 1983

Ship in a Bottle: created w/R. V. P.’s ANA Division Director business cards

Glass Apple: gift from The Mount Sinai Community of Nurses

Box 12: Large Artifacts 2

American Nurses Association Honorary Recognition Award, 1996 (lamp)

Eagle Figuine

New York Society of Association Executives Distinguished Service Award (glass)


Box 13: Large Artifacts 3

New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) Photograph Album from R. V. P.’s term as president 1989-1990


Box 14: Small Artifacts

Letter Opener from the NJ State Nurses Association, 1977-1979

R. Louise McManus Award for distinguished service, 1995

Jerusalem Cross

Commemorative Coing from the Consistory, February 21-23, 2001

Disney™ Aladin Lamp pin in box

American Nurses Association Luther Christman Award

Lapel Pins: NSNA; ANA pin w/gavel charm; American Society of the Association of Executives Certified Assoc. Executive; ANA honorary recognition award, 1996

Small box (mostly lapel pins): Nurses House, Inc.; American National Red Cross Nurse; American Academy of Nursing; NYSAE; NYSAE w/pink stone; ANA w/pink stone; Fraternity pin; ASAE; New Yrok Acdemy of Public Education; NYSH (reverse: Robert V. Piemonte Pilgrim 1965); NYSNA; NACLI XXV; Foundation of the New York State Nurses Association, Inc. (FNYSNA)

Pilgrim State Hospital ‘ 65 Scholastic Merit Award

Pilgrim State Hospital School of Nursing Class Ring, 1965

Box 15: Military Uniforms 1

Regular Men’s Uniform: 2 shirs (green); clip-on tie (black); Garrison Cap (green)

Army Dress Uniform, US Army Nurse Corps Colonel: jacket (black) w/ribbons & knots on shoulders; dress shirt (white); pants (blue w/black stripe); cumberbun (black)

Army Dress Uniform: jacket; bowtie (black); belt (black w/gold buckle); tie (black)

Box 16: Military Uniforms 2

2 Regular Army Nurse Corps uniform jackets (green): 1 w/ribbons; 1 w/name tag

3 pairs of pants (green with black stripe)

1 pair dress shoes

Box 17: Hat Box

Military Dress Cap; Regualr Military Cap

Oversize Folder:

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Eastern Lieutenancy: Equitem (Membership), 1999

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Eastern Lieutenancy: Equitem a Magna Cruce

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Eastern Lieutenancy: Commendatorem (Elevation to Commander), 2003

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Eastern Lieutenancy: Commendatorem cum Nonismate (Elevation to Commander w/Star), 2006

Teachers College columbai university (12×17 print)

New Jersey Legislature Joint Legislative Resolution, 1996

Oversize Box:

Doctor of Science, Long Island University, June 3, 1993

Doctor of Education, Columbia University, 1976

Master of Education, Columbia University, 1970

Master of Arts, Columbia University, 1968

BA Science, Long Island University, 1967  (plaque in Latin)

Long island University diploma cover

New York University Mae-Macinnes Award, November 7, 1996 (framed)

Commonwealth of Kentucky: Kentucky Colonel Commission, October 21, 1986  (framed)

AAN Certified Fellow of Academy, October 1988  (framed)

The President of the United States appoints Robert V. Piemonte, Captain, Reserve, April 3, 1974

United States Army Office  of the Surgeon General Certificate of Appreciation (unframed)

Academy of Health Sciences US Army Diploma Captain Robert V. Piemonte, ANC, Fort Sam Houston, June 13, 1975

Association of Military Surgeons of the United States: robert V. Piemonte Major, ANCR, active assoc. member, May 15, 1978

NYSNA Certificate of Appreciation: President Elect 1999-2000 (framed)

Presidentail Citation from New York Counties Registered Nurse Association, May 5, 1990

Resolution conferring Honorary Recognition from the NYSNA

NSNA 11 years of service 1985-1996 presented by the Board of Directors 1995-1996  (plaque)

Military nurse aiding Soldier Statue: gift from the 8th Medical Brigade in honor of service

Photograph of Miliary Nurse Statue (framed)


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