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Harriet Forman Papers

Harriet Forman, RN, EdD graduated from the Mt. Sinai Hospital School of Nursing (NYC) and earned her EdD from Teachers College, Columbia University. Always dreaming of being a nurse and an author, she wove her two loves into one career launching Nursing Spectrum and remaining its Executive Director for eleven years, retiring from that position in 2001.

The collection consists primarily of articles written by Forman for Nursing Spectrum and other journals spanning the 1990s to mid-2000s. Included are her doctoral dissertation, her re-edited collection of Helen Wells’ Cherry Ames books, and her book, Nursing Leadership for Patient-Centered Care-Authentic Presence Intuition Experience.



Index code: MC17

Finding Guide:

Finding Aid for the Harriet Forman Collection, 1957-2012   

Compiled by Elizabeth Kerr, Graduate Student, University at Albany, SUNY February 2013


VOLUME: 1.5 cubic feet
ACQUISITION: The items in this collection were donated to the Foundation of New York State Nurses Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History by Harriet Forman, EdD, RN (1998-2012).
ACCESS: This collection is open to the public by appointment.
COPYRIGHT: Please consult the repository for information about duplication or publishing of any materials from this collection.
Harriet Forman Collection, 1957-2012 (MC17), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses, Guilderland, NY

Biographical Sketch

Harriet Forman was born Harriet Schulman (ca. 1936/1937) in Brooklyn, NY to Frances and Herman Schulman.[1] As a child she enjoyed reading books and learning about nursing. Forman was inspired especially by the Cherry Ames book series and Little Women to become a nurse and a writer. She has since realized both of these goals, and has also raised a family, residing at times in both New York and (currently) Florida.[2]

In 1957 Forman received her first degree, a Diploma in Nursing from The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing in New York, NY. She continued her education to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, a Master of Professional Studies in Healthcare Administration from Long Island University in Greenvale, NY, and finally a Doctor of Education from Teachers College Columbia University in New York, NY in 1989.

Forman has many years of experience as a chief nurse executive of both acute and long-term care facilities: Parker Jewish Geriatric Center (1971-1976), Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center (1976-1978), Hempstead General Hospital Medical Center (1978-1988), and Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center (1988-1989).

Her writing career gained momentum in the fall of 1989 when she became the start-up Executive Director for the New York/New Jersey Metro Division of Nursing Spectrum, a bi-weekly publication for Registered Nurses. Forman served Nursing Spectrum in various executive and editorial positions until 2001. She has also served president of the Nursing Education Alumni Association at Teachers College Columbia University and contributed to their newsletter Courie. Forman as written for JONA: Journal of Nursing Administration, mainly on the subject of labor unions. In addition, she has served as editor of the alumni newsletter of The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing.

Forman contributed a chapter to Diane L. Huber’s 2006 book Leadership and Nursing Care Management 3rd ed., and in 2011 she published a book of her own: Nursing Leadership for Patient-Centered Care: Authenticity, Presence, Intuition, Expertise.

One of Forman’s proudest accomplishments was her receipt of the copyright (from the author’s brother) for the Cherry Ames book series by Helen Wells. Beginning in 2005, Forman edited and republished the books through Springer Publishing Company.

Forman is most passionate about issues related to labor unions, nurse shortages, and healthcare administration. Additional accomplishments during her extremely active professional careers include teaching as an adjunct professor, speaking at nursing conferences, receiving honors and awards, and being a member of many professional organizations. She has also served as a nursing management consultant, on several education boards, and as an expert witness in managerial communications.

Scope and Contents Notes

The Harriet Forman Collection (MC17) consists mainly of materials in paper format. The majority of the loose papers are introductory pieces written for Nursing Spectrum between 1989 and 2001 when Forman served in various executive and editorial positions. Other papers include journal articles from various nursing publications, presentation materials, correspondence, and awards and achievements. Examples of common issues addressed are labor unions, nurse shortages, and healthcare administration. Nursing books as well as several samples of Cherry Ames books are included. The collection holds presentations and television appearances between 1984 and 1999 recorded on VHS and cassette.

Series Descriptions

Series 1-4 relate to Harriet Forman’s nursing career and Series 5 to her career as an editor. Divisions between Series 1-4 are based on genre. Arrangement within each series is chronological with the exception of journal articles being grouped together first by publication when found in the same folder.
Series 1: Publications, (1977-2012)
 This series contains three types of publications to which Harriet Forman contributed (or in several cases was the sole creator): journal articles, a doctoral dissertation, and nursing books. Most of the series consists of introductory pieces for Nursing Spectrum (1989-2001). Other journals or newsletters include: HT: The Magazine for Healthcare Travel Professionals; Courier-the newsletter of the Nursing Education Alumni Association at Teachers College Columbia University, JONA: Journal of Nursing Administration, and the alumni newsletter of The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing.
Series 2: Presentation Materials (1984-2011)
 This series holds a variety of materials related to Harriet Forman’s oral presentations, typically at nursing conferences. Papers include speech transcripts, conference flyers and brochures, and poems. Some of Forman’s presentations and television appearances were recorded in audio and visual formats.
Series 3: Correspondence (1993-2011)
 This series consists of miscellaneous correspondence between Harriet Forman and other nursing professionals, admirers, and friends.
Series 4: Awards and Achievements (1957-2012)
 Included in this series are Harriet Forman’s curriculum vitae, awards, and certificates of recognition.
Series 5: Editing Career (2004-2008)
 This series includes advertising materials and fan mail related to theCherry Ames book series as well as copies of some of the re-published books.

Box and Folder List

Series 1: Publications

Box 1

  1. Journal Articles, 1977-1992
  2. Journal Articles, 1993-1995
  3. Journal Articles, 1996-1999
  4. Journal Articles, 2000-2006
  5. Journal Articles & Book Plans/Advertisements, 2004-2012
  6. Doctoral Dissertation: Descriptive Analysis of the Effects of Union and Non-Union Affiliation on Perceived Role Conflict, Conflict Resolution Modes, Leader Behavior Styles, and Leadership Effectiveness of Head Nurses, 1989
  7. Book: Leadership and Nursing Care Management 3rd ed., by Diane L. Huber, 2006
  8. Book: Nursing Leadership for Patient-Centered Care: Authenticity, Presence, Intuition, Expertise, 2011

Series 2: Presentation Materials

  • Presentation Materials, 1998-2011
  • “Harriet Meets Oprah Winfrey,” “Intro to Leadership for Non-Management,” “Channel 12 News,” “Channel 7 News,” “Channel 27,” (2) VHS copies, 1984-1988
  • “Dr. Harriet Forman Speaks”: Volume 1, (2) VHS copies, 1985
  • “Dr. Harriet Forman Speaks”: Volume 2, (2) VHS copies, 1985
  • “Harriet’s Farewell,” “Nurse Recruitment,” “Nursing Management ‘Who’s in Charge’ The Practical Application of Leadership Concepts,” (2) VHS copies, 1988
  • “Nurses Week Celebration,” (2) VHS copies, 1991
  • “Charting Nursing’s Course Through the Challenge of Change,” (2) VHS copies, 1995
  • “Nursing: A New Equation for the New Millennium,” (2) VHS copies, 1998
  • “Recruitment: Why Settle for Vanilla?,” Cassette, 1998
  • “Basic Survival Tips for Nurse Managers,” Cassette, 1998
  • 1999 Nursing Pinning Ceremony: Introduction and Keynote Address, VHS, 1999
  • “Healing from the Heart,” VHS, 1999

Series 3: Correspondence

  • Correspondence, 1993-1998
  • Correspondence, 1999-2011

Series 4: Awards and Achievements

  • Awards and Achievements, 1957-2012

Series 5: Editing Career

Box 2

  1. Editing Career, 2004-2008
  2. Book: Charlie London, The Adventure Begins, by Serita Stevens, RN, 2004
  3. Book: Cherry Ames, Student Nurse, by Helen Wells, 2005
  4. Books: Cherry Ames Boxed Set 1-4, by Helen Wells, 2005
  5. Book: Cherry Ames, Army Nurse, by Helen Wells, 2006
  6. Books: Cherry Ames Boxed Set 9-12, by Helen Wells, 2007

  • [1]  “1940 United States Federal Census for Harriet Schulman” 28 Feb. 2013.
  • [2]   Forman, Harriet. Harriet’s Bookshelf. 2012.


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