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Hudson Valley Community College Department of Nursing Records

This collection contains the minutes of Nursing Program’s departmental and committee meetings from the beginning of the then titled “Undergraduate Nursing Program” at Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) in 1964 to the present Nursing Department now a division within the School of Health Sciences. The committee minutes discuss issues of advocacy, diversity, and professionalism which affect the nursing profession and those who educate subsequent generations of nurses.


Index code: MC60

Finding Guide:

Finding Aid for the Hudson Valley Community College Department of Nursing Records 1964-2002  

Compiled by Gertrude B. Hutchinson, Archivist, July 13, 2009

VOLUME: 3.4 cubic feet including 1 oversized box of photographs
ACQUISITION: The items in this collection were donated by Carol Bosco, PhD, RN, Chairwoman of the HVCC Department of Nursing, to the Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses in one accession in 2009.
ACCESS: This collection is open to the public by appointment.
COPYRIGHT: Please consult the repository for information about duplication or publishing of any materials from this collection.
Hudson Valley Community College Department of Nursing Records, 1964-2002 (MC 60), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses, Guilderland, NY

Administrative History

The Hudson Valley Technical Institute came into existence in 1953 with its stated mission to provide vocational and technical training for returning World War II Veterans. In 1959, construction on the campus at its present location in Troy, Rensselaer County, NY, began and reached completion in 1961.

Presidents of Hudson Valley Community College
1953-1965 Otto V. Guenther
1965-1979 James J. Fitzgibbons
1979-1996 Joseph J. Bulmer
1996-1998 Stephen M. Curtis
1998-2003 John L. Buono
2004-2005 Marco J. Silvestri (Interim)
2005-Present Andrew J. Matonak

The Department of Nursing began in 1964 as The Undergraduate Nursing Program. Currently, the Nursing Department is a branch of the School of Health Sciences. Students are educated in nursing theory as well as receiving practical experience in structured clinical settings in area hospitals. Students graduating from the program earn an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences.

Chairwomen of the Department of Nursing
1964-1970 Eileen A. McQuaid
1970-1977 Patricia A. Beck
1978-1979 Janet Fahey
1981-1991 Patricia A. Beck
1991-2007< Dr. Dicey O’Malley
2007-2009 Dr. Carol Bosco

Scope and Contents Notes

The collection contains the munites from the start of the Nursing Department in 1964 to 2002. The collection contains the minutes from the start of the Nursing Department in 1964 to 2002, as well as minutes from the Standing Subcommittees of the Department: Advisory, Liaison, Major Health Problems II, and Nursing I-IV. Also included are photographs of the Graduating Classes from 1979, 1983, and 1984.


Series Descriptions

Series 1: Administration
3.0 cubic feetWithin this series are minutes from the Nursing Department as a whole and its various standing subcommittees. These minutes are bound and span thirty-eight years from 1964 to 2002.
Series 2: Photographs
0.4 cubic feetWithin this series are color photographs of three graduating classes from 1979, 1983, and 1984.

Box and Folder List

Series 1: Administration

Box 1

  1. Minutes: Nursing Department, September 1964-June 1967
  2. Minutes: Standing Subcommittee, September 1967-June 1969
  3. Minutes: Standing Subcommittee, September 1968-May 1969
  4. Minutes: Nursing Department, September 1969-June 1970
  5. Minutes: Standing Subcommittees, September 1969-May 1970
  6. Minutes: Standing Subcommittees, September 1970-April 1971
  7. Minutes: Nursing Department, September 1970- May 1971
    Major Health Problems II Subcommittee, September 1970-November 1970
  8. Minutes: Nursing Department, September 1971-May 1972
  9. Minutes: Standing Subcommittees, September 1971-May 1972
  10. Minutes: Nursing Department, August 1972-May 1973;
    Nursing Department Curriculum Meetings, October 1972- May 1973;
    Standing Subcommittees, August 1972-May 1973
  11. Minutes: Nursing Department, September 1973-May 1974
  12. Minutes: Nursing Department, August 1974-May 1975;
    Standing Subcommittees, May 1974-May 1975
  13. Minutes: Standing Subcommittees, September 1974-May 1975
  14. Minutes: Nursing Department, August 1975-May 1976;
    Standing Subcommittees, August 1975-May 1976
  15. Minutes: Nursing Department, August 1976- May 1977;
    Standing Subcommittees, August 1976-May 1977
Box 2

  1. Minutes: Nursing Department, August 1977-May 1978
  2. Minutes: Nursing Department, August 1978-May 1979
  3. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1981-1982;
    Standing Subcommittees, 1981-1982
  4. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1982-1983
  5. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1983-1984
  6. Minutes: Nursing Department, Vol. 1, 1984-1985
  7. Minutes: Standing Subcommittees, Vol. 2, 1984-1985
  8. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1985-1986
  9. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1986-1987
  10. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1987-1988
  11. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1988-1989
Box 3

  1. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1989-1990
  2. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1990-1991
  3. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1991-1992
  4. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1992-1993
  5. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1993-1994
  6. Minutes: Standing Subcommittees, 1994-1995
  7. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1995-1996
  8. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1996-1997
  9. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1997-1998;
    Standing Subcommittees, 1997-1998
  10. Minutes: Nursing Department, 1998-1999;
    Standing Subcommittees, 1998-1999
  11. Minutes: Standing Subcommittees, 1999-2000
  12. Minutes: Nursing Department, 2000
Box 4

  1. Minutes: Nursing Department, 2000-2001
  2. Minutes: Standing Subcommittees, 2001-2002
  3. Policies of the Nursing Department, 1984

Series 2: Photographs

[See Oversize Box 1]


  1. Photograph, Class of 1979.
  2. Photograph, Class of 1983.
  3. Photgraph, Class of 1984.

Gertrude B. Hutchinson July 13, 2009

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