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Nursing Education Alumnae Association (Teachers College, Columbia Univ.) Archives

The TCNEAA is the alumni association of the Department of Nursing Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, the first graduate program for nursing in the United States. The program was founded in 1899 with the intent of providing a university for nurses who wished to become superintendents of training schools or of hospitals. It was initially named the “Hospital Economics” program within the Department of Domestic Science; by 1912 this had become the “Department of Nursing and Health” and later, in 1922, the “Department of Nursing Education.” The Alumni Association was created to care for alumni and support the school in the days before Social Security, when the school’s program was still evolving and its future was uncertain. Once established, it provided scholarships for graduate nursing school, research grants, and small grants to alumni who were sick or indigent.

Included in these records of this partially processed collection are general, Board of Directors and Executive Committee minutes and meetings materials, information on officers, conference materials, membership lists, registration and nomination forms, Nursing Hall of Fame materials, Centennial Celebration materials, some professional correspondence and budget and expense reports.


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Compiled by Marianne K. Lettus, EdD, RN, Archival Assistant


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ACQUISITION: The documents in this collection were transferred to the Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Center for Nursing at the Foundation of New York State Nurses by the Teachers College Nursing Education Alumnae Association.  The collection includes NEAA records, correspondence, newsleters, dissertations, awards, and conference materials.
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Teachers College Nursing Education Alumnae Association Papers (MC 22), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Center for Nursing at the Foundation of New York State Nurses, Guilderland, NY


Box and Folder List

Series 1: Dissertations

Box 1


1. Abou-Youssef, J. 1967 Maternity Nursing:A Textbook for the Arabic Speaking Countries of the Near Eastern Region, Volume I
2. Abou-Youssef, J. 1967 Maternity Nursing:A Textbook for the Arabic Speaking Countries of the Near Eastern Region, Volume II
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6. Allison, S. 1969 The Meaning of Rest. Some Views and Behaviors Characterizing Rest as a State and a Process
7. Alward, R. 1986 Performance of Permanent Verses Rotating Night Nurses’: Circadian-Related Factors
8. Amin, A. 1974 Culture and the Post Hospital Community Adjustment of the Long-Term Hospitalized Puerto-Rican Schizophrenic Male Patients in New York City
9. Arnold, J. 1975 Teaching Strategies in Community College Nursing Education
10. Anselmino 1986 Re: Growth of Food and the Fodd Industry and its effects on the Health of Americans

Box 2


1. Archibald, J. 1952 A Nutrition Education Programme in Cape Sable Island
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10. Bevil, C. A. 1978 1978 Professional Nurse Behaviors Exhibited in Selected Aspects of Care of the Patient with a Cerebrovascular Accident

Box 3


1. Bhaduri, A. 1974 Participation of Faculty Members in Curriculum Development of Generic Baccalaureate Nursing Programs in India
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12. Chapman, M. 1969 Nursing Education and the Movement for Higher Education for Women, 1870-1900, Volume I


Box 4


1. Chapman, M. 1969 Nursing Education and the Movement for Higher Education for Women, 1870-1900, Volume I
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7. Clift, J. 1989 A Nursing Science Curriculum ofr the university in Grz, Austria
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12. Coonan, P. 1995 A Comparison of the Process of Care between Doctors and Nurse Practitioners to Selected Outcomes in Ambulatory Care
13. Copland, G. 1992 Nurses’ Experiential Perspectives of Mistake Making in Clinical Practice


Box 5


1. Corbett, N. 1991 Head Nurse Perceptions of Self Derieved from an Analysis of their Conversations
2. Creamer, Sr. M. J. 1961 The Development of Pre-Service Collegiate Nursing Education for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Wichita, Kansas
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Box 6


1. Daly, G. 1995 Scholarly Productivity: A Qualitative Investigation of the role Development of Nurse Scholars and reasearch Productivity, Volume I
2. Daly, G. 1995 Scholarly Productivity: A Qualitative Investigation of the role Development of Nurse Scholars and reasearch Productivity, Volume II
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10. Deighan, J. 1972 The Identification of the Decision-Making in the Nursing Adnustments fo the Basic Elements of Aeration and Feeding for Individuals with Superior Vena Cava Syndrome
11. Demarest, D. 1987 Perceptions of Role Information and Support Needs of Baccalaureate Nursing Faculty during Socialization Period


Box 7


1. Dempsey, J. M. 1992 Stereotypes of Six Clinical Nursing Specialities
2. Donius, M. A. 1964 Instrumental Caring inventory: The Development of an Instrument Measuring Caring as a Three Dimensional Construct
3. Donohue, S. 1990 a Qualitative Exploration into the Dissertation Research Experience in Doctoral Nursing Education
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Box 8


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11. Forrest, F. 1973 Leadership Behavior of the Community Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse in the Rural Mid-West
12. Frazier, F. 1955 gu8ides for Nursing Education Consultants in Planning and Organizing Programs of Study for Graduate Nurses in Other Lands


Box 9


1. Fullilove, E. 1973 Patients’ Views of Actual and Ideal Characteristics of the Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist as depicted by Laforge and Suczek Interpersonal Checklist
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10. Goetz, C. 1996 They Cannot Say Thank You, Yet: An Ethnographic Study of Homeless Adults in a Day Shelter (Volume II)
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12. Goldberg, L. K. 1991 What is the Nurse Administrator’s Perception of His/Her Leadership as Perceived by the Nurse Middle Manager


Box 10


1. Gonda, B. 1990 Nursing Students Perceptions of Learning Environments in Associate and Baccalaureate Post Conferences
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Box 11


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Box 12


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Box 13


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Box 14


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Box 15


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Box 16


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Box 17


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Box 18


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Box 19


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Box 20


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Box 21


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Box 22


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Box 23


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9. Weiner, L. 1968 Baccalaureate Degree Programs in Nursing: A New Curriculum Approach
10. Whelan, M. 1996 Self-Esteem and Competitiveness among Nurse Practitioner Students
11. Wiklinski, B. 1991 Has Humor a Meaning for Person Adapting to a Cancer Experience?


Box 24


1. Willmans, K. 1981 Major Trends in Public Health Nursing 1902-1925: The Transition from Specialized to Generalized Practice
2. Wilson, S. 1988 Comparing Patients’ Length of Stay and Nursing Resource Use Before and After the Implementation of Prospective Payment
3. Wittman, M. E. 1970 Nursing Education in the Federal Republic of Germany
4. Woloski-Wruble, A. 1991 Staff Nruse Opinion of the Importance of Addressing Patient Sexual Health Care
5. Vurchuck, E. 1976 Planning Nursing Care: Competence and Attitudes of Senior Nursing Students in Selected Baccalaureate Nursing Programs
6. Zornov, R. 1972 the Perceptions of Residents of a Retirement Community about Osteoarthrities


Box 25: Reports


1. 1962 Nursing Care of the hospitalized Cardiac Patient-Preliminary report on Phase II
2. 1955 Education for Nursing in Wisconsin
3. Reiter, E., & Kokosh, M. 1994 Quality of Nursing Care: A Report of a Field Study to Establish 1950-1954 Criteria
4. 1964 Sabbatical Leave: Survey Report- Provisions for and Use Made of Sabbatical Leave in Baccalaureate and Greaduate Schools of Nursing
5. Peterson, A. 1961 Kansas City Rehabilitation Experiment: Service and Cost Analysis. Final Report
6. Strobe, E. 1967 Conference Report on the Educational Preparation of the Nurse for School Health Work
7. Simmons, L. 1957 summary Report on Survey and Assessment of Areas and MEthods of Research in Nursing
8. Hess, J. & Chase, A. 1962 Survey of Public Health Nursing: Visits to Chronically Ill Patients
9. n.d. A Study of the Professional Activities of the Faculty of the School of Nursing of Vanderbilt University 1952-1953. Final Report of the Tennessee State Nurses Association
10. 1967 Role and preparation of the Nurse-Midwife in Maternity Care in the united States: An Exploratory Study
11. Cleveland Child Care Association 1940 Manual for the Conduct of Classes for Expectant Parents
12. 1998 Readings in Nursing Research: Selected Papers from the 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 Isabel Maitland Stewart Conferences on Research in Nursing
13. Ford & Stephenson D. 1954 Institutional Nurses: Roles, Relationships and Attitudes in Three Alabama Hospitals
14. Arnstein, M. G. 1950 A Study of Nursing Needs, Resources and Supply in Arizon
15. Federal Security Agency 1950 Survey of Nursing Resources and Needs in Louisiana
16. U.S. Dept. of HEW 1961 Behavior Patterns of Premature Infants: A Nursing Study
17. Ewing, O. R. 1948 The Nation’s Health: A Ten year Study
18. Minnesota DOH 1959 A Practical Nurse in a Rural County Public Health Service in Minnesota
19. Department of Public Instruction 1957 Facts about Practical Nurse Edcuation in Michigan
20. Federal Security Administration 1953 Survey of Nursing Needs iand Resources in Oklahoma
21. n.d. Summary of Home Accident Prevention Project, City of Cambridge, 1951-1956
22. Hilbert 1958 Abstract of Studies in Public Health Nursing 1924-1957. Institute of Research and Services in Nursing Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
23. Arnstein, M. 1956 Design for Statewide Nursing Survey’s” A Basis for Action.
24. Bowman, P. H., DeHaan, R. F.,  Kough, J. K., & Liddle, G. P. 1956 Mobilizing Community Resources for Youth
25. Bixler, G. K., Faddis, M. O., & Bixler, R. W. 1962 Indiana Nursing Survey
26. 1960 Factors Influencing Continuity of Nursing Service: Report to Public Health Agencies 
27. National League for Nursing 1964 Study on Cost of Nursing Education Part I: Cost of Basic Diploma Programs
28. Long, E. 1962 Career Choice in Psychiatric Nursing and the Undergraduate Psychiatric Nursing Experience
29. Stobo, E. 1968 The Nurse in Elementary School: Promotion of Mental Health
30. 1949 Critical Requirements for Resarch Personnel: A Study of Observed Behaviors of Personnel in Research Laboratories
31. 1960 Factors Influencing Continuity of Nursing Service: Report of a Study of a Large Hospital
32. 1929 The Adelaide Nutting Historical Nursing Collection of Teachers College, Columbia University


Box 26: Administration


1. Alumni Reception, 1987-1988
2. Annual Report, 1970-1971
3. Alumni Survey, 1988
4. Alumni Survey, 1996
5. Annual Meeting, 1978
6. Annual Meeting, 1994
7. Annual Meeting, 2000
8. Annual Meeting, 2001-2002
9. Annual Meeting, 2003
10. Annual Meeting, 2004
11. Annual Report, 1968-1969
12. Annual Report, 1969-1970
13. Annual Report, 1975-1976
14. Annual Reports, 1978-1979
15. Annual Reports, 1980-1984
16. Annual Report, 1994
17. Annual Report, 1998
18. Committee List- Standing Committees
19. Board Minutes, 1972-1974
20. Board Minutes 1975
21. Board Minutes, 1978
22. Board Minutes, 1979
23. Board Minutes, 1980-1981
24. Board Minutes, 1982-1983
25. Board Minutes, 1983-1984
26. Board Minutes, 1984-1985
27. Board Minutes, 1986
28. Board Minutes, 1986
29. Board Minutes, 1987
30. Board Minutes, 1988
31. Board Minutes, 1989
32. Board Minutes, 1990
33. Board Minutes, 1991
34. Board Minutes, 1992
35. Board Minutes, 1994-1995
36. Board Minutes, 1996
37. Board Minutes, 1997, [1 of 2]
38. Board Minutes, 1997, [2 of 2]
39. Board Minutes, 1998
40. Board List, 1998
41. Board Minutes, 1999
42. Board Minutes – Transition meeting, 1999
43. Board Minutes, 1998-2002 (Diane Mancino’s papers)
44. Board Transition Minutes, 2004


Box 27: Administration- Diane Mancino’s Papers


1. Executive Committee, 1996-1998
2. Stewart Conference, 2005
3. Stewart Conference, 2008
4. Stewart Conference, 2009
5. Miscellaneous Correspondence [1 of 2]
6. Miscellaneous Correspondence [1 of 2]
7. History of Nursing: Survey of Sources at Rockefeller Archive, 1990
8. Strategic Plan, 2004
9. Villanova University
10. Archival Papers and Correspondence, 2003-2007 [1 of 3]
11. Archival Papers and Correspondence, 2003-2007 [2 of 3]
12. Archival Papers and Correspondence, 2003-2007 [3 of 3]
13. Correspondence with photographs, 2004-2006 [1 of 2]
14. Correspondence with photographs, 2004-2006 [2 of 2]
15. Nursing Scholarship and Research Award: Dr. Sandra Lewenson
16. Annual Awards Dinner Photos, 1995 [1 of 2]
17. Annual Awards Dinner Photos, 1995 [2 of 2]
18. Awards, 1999
19. McManus Medal: Barbara Krainovitch-Miller, 2009
20. Bylaws, 1956-1979
21. Bylaws, 1970-1979
22. Bylaws, 1983-1985
23. Bylaws, 1985-1987
24. Bylaws, 1987-1990
25. Bylaws Committee, 1997-2000
26. Bylaws, 20055
27. Committee Chairs
28. NEAA Life Members
29. Nominating Committee


Box 28: Historical Files


1. Archival Description
2. Archival Guidelines
3. Archival Materials and Notes, 1994-1999
4. Archival Materials, 1978
5. Archival Materials, 1990-1999
6. Archival Materials and Business Documents, 1992-1998  [1 of 2]
7. Archival Materials and Business Documents, 1992-1998 [2 of 2]
8. Archival Materials and Business Documents, 1990-2001  [1 of 3]
9. Archival Materials and Business Documents, 1990-2001  [2 of 3]
10. Archival Materials and Business Documents, 1990-2001  [3 of 3]
11. Article on Cultural Diversity
12. Historical Material, 1987-1990
13. NLN Academy of Nursing Education Fellows, 2007
14. Nursing Division Activities: Curriculum Study, 1948-1950
15. Nursing Division Activities, 1951-1952 [1 of 4]
 16. Nursing Division Activities, 1951-1952 [2 of 4]
17. Nursing Division Activities, 1951-1952 [3 of 4]
18. Nursing Division Activities, 1951-1952 [4 of 4]
19. Nursing History
20. Presidents of Nursing Societies, 1893-1993
21. Isabel Maitland Stewart Research Professorship in Nursing & Nursing Education, 1960


Box 29


1. Correspondence, 1959
2. Correspondence, 1972
3. Correspondence, 1974-1975
4. Correspondence, 1978-1980
5. Correspondence, 1981
6. Correspondence, 1982
7. Correspondence, 1983
8. Correspondence, 1984
9. Correspondence, 1985
10. Correspondence, 1986
11. Correspondence, 1987
12. Correspondence, 1988
13. Correspondence, 1989, [1 of 2]
14. Correspondence, 1989, [2 of 2]
15. Correspondence, 1990
16. Correspondence, 1992-1994
17. Correspondence, 1992-1994
18. Correspondence, 1994-1995
19. Correspondence, 1996
20. Correspondence, 1997-2001
21. Correspondence and Announcements, 2003-2004 [1 of 2]
22. Correspondence and Announcements, 2003-2004 [2 of 2]
23. Correspondence, 1972
24. Bylaws Committee, 1956-1979
25. Bylaws Committee, 1983-1985
26. Bylaws Committee, 1984-1997
27. Bylaws Committee, 1987-1990
28. Bylaws Committee, 1998
29. Position Description: Executive Secretary
30. President’s Book, 2004-2006 [1 of 3]
31. President’s Book, 2004-2006 [2 of 3]
32. President’s Book, 2004-2006 [3 of 3]
33. Sample forms
34. Travel Policy, 1978


Box 30: Future of Nursing Department


1. Student Forum on Status of Nursing Deaprtment, 1971
2. Statement of Philosophy, 1979
3. Faculty Executive Committee oon future of College of Nursing, 1993, [1 of 2]
4. Faculty Executive Committee oon future of College of Nursing, 1993, [2 of 2]
5. Letters from President Levine re: Nursing Education, 1995, 1996
6. Letters from Students re: Search for Nursing Dean, 1998
7. Contribution of TC to the Advancement of Nursing Education, undated
8. Program for Nurse Executives
9. Radix article on Academic Freedom at TC, 1971
Public Relations & Publicity
10. Courier, 1976-1983
11. Courier, 1984-1986
12. Courier, 1987-1989
13. Courier, 1990-1992
14. Courier, 1993-1996
15. Courier, 1997-1998
16. Courier, 1999
17. Courier, 2000
18. Courier, 2001
19. Courier, 2002-2003
20. Courier, 2005-2006
21. Courier, 2007
22. Courier, 2008
23. Courier, 2009-2010
24. TC Today, Fall 2006
25. Graduate Student Newsletter, 1988
26. Gala Honoring Cathryne A. Welch, 2008
27. TC Hall of Fame nominees, 2008
28. L. Genevieve Dunworth
29. Memorial Service for Mary Elizabeth Carnegie
30. Memorial Tribute for Teresa Christ, 1982
31. Memorial Service for L. Genevieve Dunworth, 2008
32. Memorial Service for Elenor Lambertsen, 1998
33. Memorial Service for Erline P. Mcgriff, 2005
34. Memorial Service for R. Louise, McManus, 1993
35. Memorial Service for Mildred Montag, 2004 [1 of 2]
36. Memorial Service for Mildred Montag, 2004 [2 of 2]
37. Memorial Service for Hildegard Peplau, 1999
38. Memorial Service for Mary Jane Venger Cutler, 1005
39. Memorial Service for Alumni, 2004-2005
40. Obituaries of Myra Levine, Verginia Henderson, 1996
41. Newspaper article about donations, 1997
42. “Centennial” Photographs, [1 of 2]
43. “Centennial” Photographs, [2 of 2]
44.  Photograph of Mary Norma O’Hara, Lavinia L. Dock, and unidentified woman, ca. 1900s
45. Photographs of various TC Alumni at Events, 2003-2007
46. Early Materials on Public Health Nursing, 1902-1947 [1 of 2]
47. Early Materials on Public Health Nursing, 1902-1947 [2 of 2
48. Symposium on Identity and Genocide, undated


Box 31: Financial Information: RESTRICTED


1. Active Assets Account, 1986
2. Active Assets Account, 1987-1988
3. Active Assets Account, 1989-1990
4. Active Assets Account, 1997
5. Active Assets Account, 1998-2000
6. Bank Statements, 1979
7. Bank Transactions, 1980
8. Bills paid, 1987
9. Budget, 1981
10. Budget materials, 1984-1985
11. Budget, 1993-1994
12. Budget status reports, 1997
13. Budget Reports, 1998
14. Budget Summary Reports, 1998-1999
15. Budget Proposal, 1998
16. Budget Proposal, 1999
17. Budgets for Committees, 1998-1999
18. Costs associated with TCNEAA Banner, 1999
19. Active Assets Account, 1993
20. Estate of Ruth E. Brong, 2000
21. Estate of Ina T. E. Mahon, 2001
22. Expenses, 1977
23. Expenses, 1979
24. Expenses, 1999
25. Finance Reports, 1961-1965
26. Finance Committee, 1978-1980
27. Financial Reports, 1988
28. Financial Reports, 1996-1997
29. Investment Guidelines, 1998
30. IRS, 1997-1999
31. Active Assets Account, 1996
32. NYS “Not for Profit” Document, 1987
33. Profit & Loss Statements, 11/1999-08/2000
34. Request for IRS Tax Exempt Status, 1998
35. Safe Deposit Box, 1998
36. Isabel Maitland Stewart Research Professorship Fund, undated
37. Tax Exempt Application, 1998
38. NYS Tax Exempt Certificate, 1998
39. Treasurer’s Report, 1978-1980
40. Treasurer’s Report, u/1/1995-4/8/1996


Box 32: Stewart Research Conferences, 1959-1999


1. Achivement Award Recipients & R. Louise McManus Medal Recipients, 1966-1980
2. Isabel Maitland Stewart Fund, 1959-1961
3. Isabel Maitland Stewart Fund, 1974-1979
4. Conference Planning Materials, 1980
5. Conference Planning Materials, 1981
6. Planning Committee, 1982
7. Conference Planning Materials, 1983
8. Conference Committee, 1984
9. Planning Committee, 1985
10. 22nd Stewart Conference, 1985
11. Planning Committeee, 1986-1987
12. Planning Committee Minutes, 1987-1988
13. 25th Anniversary Stewart Conference Materials, 1988
14. Conference Planning Materials, 1988-1989
15. Stewart Conference Program, 1989
16. Nursing Service Award, 1989
17. Planning Committee, 1990
18. Stewart Conference, 1990-1991
19. Stewart Conference, 1991-1992
20. Planning Committee, 1992 [1 of 2]
21. Planning Committee, 1992 [2 of 2]
22. Conference Materials, 1992
23. Planning Committee, 1993-1994
24. Conference Materials, 1993
25. Conference Planning Materials, 1993-1994
26. Planning Committee, 1998
27. Abstenct Mailing List, 1994-1995
28. Conference Planning Materials, 1995 [1 of 2]
29. Conference Planning Materials, 1995 [2 of 2]
30. Conference Planning Materials, 1996
31. Conference Planning Materials, 1997 [1 of 3]
32. Conference Planning Materials, 1997 [2 of 3]
33. Conference Planning Materials, 1997 [3 of 3]
34.. Conference Planning Materials, 1998 [1 of 3]
35. Conference Planning Materials, 1998 [2 of 3]
36. Conference Planning Materials, 1998 [3 of 3]
37. McManus Meda Recipient: Laura S. Simms, 1998
38. Conference Planning Materials, 1995
39. Conference DEU Application, 1999


Box 33: Stewart Research Conferences, 2000-2007


1. Conference Planning Materials, 2000
2. Conference Evaluation, 2000
3. Conference Planning Materials, 2001
4. McManus & Achievement Award Winners, TCNEAA Hall of Fame Inductees, 2001 [1 of 2]
5. McManus & Achievement Award Winners, TCNEAA Hall of Fame Inductees, 2001 [2 of 2]
6. Book of Abstracts from Conference, 2001
7. Stewart Conference, 2002
8. Literature from Danis Nurses Assoc. in recognition of Christiane Reimann (1988-1979) TCNEAA Hall of Fame Inductee, 2002
9. Stewart Awards Dinner Photographs, 2001 [ 1 of 2]
10. Stewart Awards Dinner Photographs, 2001 [ 2 of 2]
11. 40th Annual Stewart Conference, 2003 [1 of 3]
12. 40th Annual Stewart Conference, 2003 [2 of 3]
13. 40th Annual Stewart Conference, 2003 [3 of 3]
14. Stewart Awards Dinner Photographs, 2004 [ 1 of 2]
15. Stewart Awards Dinner Photographs, 2004 [ 2 of 2]
16. 41st Annual Stewart Conference, 2004
17. 43rd Annual Stewart Conference, 2006
18. Conference Planning Materials, 2007
19. 44th Annual Stewart Conference, 2007


Box 34: Centennial Celebration 1889-1999


1. Alumni Awards Planning Committee, 1999
2. Planning Committee Brochure and Materials, 1999
3. Centennial Brochure, 1999
4. Centennial Budget (items & Expenditures)
5. Century of Influence Poster
6. Citations
7. Friends, Sponsors Ads/Registrations
8. Hall of Fame Inductees, A-K [1 of 2]
9. Hall of Fame Inductees, A-K [2 of 2]
10. Historical Sketch of the Origins of NNEA
11. Honored Guests
12. Hotel Information
13. Centennial Memorabilia Price List and Solicitation Letters
14. Proposal for Collection of Oral Histories: A Century of Influence
15. Transcripts of the videos [SEE ALSO VIDEO BOX 35]
16. Planning Committee Minutes, 1997-1999
17. Program sponsors of the Centennial Celebration
18. registration and Attendance Lists
19. Thank You notes from Participants
20. Speaker Consent Forms
21. Awards Dinner, D. J. Mancino’s Correspondence and Materials [1 of 3]
22. Awards Dinner, D. J. Mancino’s Correspondence and Materials [2 of 3]
23. McManus Medal, Achievement Award Winners and Hall of Fame Inductees, 2001; D. J. Mancino’s Correspondence and materials [3 of 3]
24. Video Project, Helen Fuld Health Fund
25. Video Production Correspondence and costs
26. Centennial Photographs
27. Centennial Planning Committee Materials
28. Photographs of Awards Dinner [1 of 2]
29. Photographs of Awards Dinner [2 of 2]
30. R. Louise McManus Award Centennial Recipients


Box 35: Video Record of Centennial Celebration: 9 October 1999 (VHS Tapes)

             NEAA Centennial Conference Reception: A Century of Influence


1. NEAA Centennial Conferece: Krainovich-Miller Welcome; M. Patricia Donohoe
2. NEAA Centennial Conferece: M. Patricia Donohoe (con’t); Barbara Peterson
3. NEAA Centennial Conferece: Barbara Peterson (con’t)
4. NEAA Centennial Conferece: Panel Discussion: “Beyond Midcentury,” M. Louise Fitzpatrick moderator
5. NEAA Centennial Conferece: Panel (con’t)
6. NEAA Centennial Conferece:  Panel (con’t)
7. NEAA Centennial Conferece:  Panel (con’t); Arthur Levine; Audience shots
8. NEAA Centennial Conferece:  Panel Discussion: “Nursing Education, Service, Administration, Research;” Eileen Zungolo, moderator
9. NEAA Centennial Conferece:  Panel (con’t)
10. NEAA Centennial Conferece:  Panel (con’t); Krainovich-Miller’s introduction to Lucille Joel and next panel discussion: “Nursing History: The Federal Secor & Internationsl Dimension.”
11. NEAA Centennial Conferece:  Panel (con’t)
12. NEAA Centennial Conferece:  Panel (con’t); Audience Questions/Comments
13. NEAA Centennial Conferece: Panel (con’t); Audience Questions/Comments
14. NEAA Centennial Conferece: Diane Mancino presentation to Cathryne A. Welch and Barbara Krainovich-Miller; Remarks by Kathleen O’Connell
15. NEAA Centennial Conferece:


Box 36: Awards & Miscellaneous


1. Annual Awards, 1975
2. Award Recipients, 1982
3. Alumni Awards, 1985
4. Awards Dinner, 1985
5. Alumni Awards, 1985-1986
6. Annual Awards, 1986-1989
7. Awards Criteria, 1990
8. Awards Dinner, 1990
9. Annual Awards, 1993-1996
10. Alumni Reception, 1997
11. Annual Awards, 1998 [1 of 3]
12. Annual Awards, 1998 [2 of 3]
13. Annual Awards, 1998 [3 of 3]
14. Awards, 2000
15. Achievement Awards Dinners Cumulative Lists, 1965-2000
16. Awards Dinner Photographs, 2003
17. Distinguished Member Award Criteria
18. Annual Awards Dinner Materials, 2001
19. Plaque from the American Nurses Foundation to NEAA for support of Capital Campaign, 1990-1992


Box 37: East Harlem Nursing & Health Services Field Project


1. Incorporation Papers, 1928; History; Bylaws
2. Sale of Property and Disposition of Other Assets, 1941
3. Educational Materials
4. Income Tax Reports & Correspondence, 1925-1944
5. Finance Reports, 1921-1926
6. Invoices & Legal Correspondence, 1934-1944
7. Nutrition Program
8. Bank Statements, 1941-1945
9. Correspondence, 1922-1927
10. Materials for Future Planning Meeting
11. A Summary Report of the Maternity Services, 1933-1937
12. Report of Activities for FY December 1, 1937-November 30, 1938
13. Letters re: financial Support, 1936
14. Board Minutes, 1922-1941
15. The First Five Years, 1923-1927
16. Insurance and other Organizational Papers, 19399-1944
17. The Teaching Services, April 1, 1930-October 1, 1931
18. Committee on Field Needs of Phublic Health Students, 1937-1938
19. Rport of Student Services, September 1, 1937-August 31, 1938
20. The Field Training Program
21. A Report of Student Services for the Academic Year, Sept. 1, 1938-August 31, 1939
22. A Report of Student Services for the Academic Year, Sept. 1, 1939-August 31, 1940
23. A Report of Student Services for the Academic Year, Sept. 1, 1940-May 31, 1941
24. Present-day Opportunities for Advanced Field Experience; Public Health Nursing Students in Universities
25. Activities Report, December 1, 1931-November 30, 1932
26. Committee on Future Plans Material
27. Letters on Dissolution, 1944
28. 13th Annual Report: Society of Superintendents, 1907
29. 14th Annual Report: Society of Superintendents, 1908
30. 16th Annual Report: Society of Superintendents, 1910
31. 17th Annual Report: Society of Superintendents, 1911
32. 18th Annual Report: Society of Superintendents, 1912

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