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Shaké Ketefian Papers and Memorabilia

Papers and presentations of Shaké Ketefian, EdD, RN, is an organizing member of the International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing and the National Forum on Doctoral Education in Nursing.  She was an active influence on the nursing profession in New York State.






Index code: MC66

Finding Guide:

Finding Aid for the Shaké Ketefian Papers and Memorabilia, 1968-2009 (MC66)

Finding Aid compiled by Kerry Shermer, MSIS(c) Graduate Student, University at Albany, SUNY March 2017


VOLUME: 3.0 cubic feet
ACQUISITION: The items in this collection were donated to the Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History Archive at the Center for Nursing by Shaké Ketefian, EdD, RN, FAAN on August 10, 2010.
ACCESS: This collection is open to the public by appointment.
COPYRIGHT: Please consult the repository for information about duplication or publishing of any materials from this collection.
Shaké Ketefian Papers and Memorabilia (MC66), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History Archive, Center for Nursing at the Foundation of New York State Nurses, Guilderland, NY.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Shaké Ketefian, EdD, RN, FAAN, was born in 1939 and is a prolific writer and passionate proponent of higher education for nurses.  She has done research, written articles, and made presentations on moral behavior and ethics in nursing as well as on higher education within the nursing field. Dr. Ketefian is an organizing member of the National Forum of Doctoral Education in Nursing and the International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing (INDEN).

Dr. Ketefian has split her papers between the Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History and the University of Michigan.  She choose the Bellevue Alumnae Center for some of her papers, particularly for the items related to the work she did while in New York.  In her own words:

Dr. Ketefian has received an international education.  She completed her undergraduate nursing education at the American University of Beirut (1963), and came to the United States as an International fellow of the American Association of University Women to pursue graduate education.  She earned master’s (1968) and doctoral (1972) degrees in medical-surgical nursing and nursing education form Teacher’s College, Columbia University.

 Dr. Ketefian had had a rich and diverse academic, scholarly and administrative career.  She began full-time teaching as an assistant professor at New York University (1972), and became full professor there in 1982.  Concurrent with her teaching she was Director of Continuing Education (1973-1975), and Chairperson of the Department of Advanced Education in Nursing Science (1981-82) at New York University.  In 1984 Dr. Ketefian assumed the position of Professor, Associate dean for Graduate Studies and Director of the Doctoral Program at the University of Michigan School of Nursing.  She served as Acting Dean (1991-92), and Interim Associate dean for Academic Affairs (1993-1994).  Between 1992 and 2001 she held the position of Professor and Director of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Studies; since 1996 she has been the Director of International Affairs and the director of the WHO Collaborating Center at the same institution (since 1997).

Dr. Ketefian has been a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing since 1979.  She has received various honors and awards; she is listed in Who’s Who in American Nursing, and other Registers.

Dr. Ketefian’s teaching areas are:  nursing research, issues related to utilization of scientific knowledge to practice, nursing ethics, ethical practice, scientific integrity, international health, and effects of work environments on nursing practice.  She has mentored numerous graduate students, and supervised the dissertation research of many doctoral students.  

Dr. Ketefian’s research/scholarly expertise and publications have focused on research utilization, ethical issues in health care, measurement of ethical practice, research ethics, global issues in health and knowledge development, graduate and doctoral education internationally.  She is a recent Editor of Research and Theory of Nursing Practice: An International Journal. 

Dr. Ketefian has been active professionally; she is a sought-after speaker nationally and internationally on areas of her scholarship.  She organized and chaired the first international conference on doctoral education n 1995.  Since then, she has been a co-organizer of the International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing, and its meetings in 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005.  She was founding president [elected] of the International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing, and served for six years [2000-2006].  She has served on boards and committees of professional organizations, most recently chaired the Scientific Integrity Committee of the Midwest Nursing Research Society.  This work resulted in the publication of the document titled “Guidelines for Scientific Inquiry” (2002), a groundbreaking publication, and the first of its kind in nursing.  She has provided extensive consultation in doctoral education and is a recognized expert in this area.  She serves on the editorial review boards or review panels of over a dozen scholarly journals, nationally and internationally.  6/2010                                                                                                               

Scope and Contents Note

The Shaké Ketefian Papers and Memorabilia include professional and general correspondence, presentations and publications, papers related to her work with the professional organizations:  National Forum on Doctoral Education in Nursing and the International network of Doctoral Education in Nursing, and papers related to her research studies at New York University. 

 The collection is divided into six series: Series 1, Correspondence; Series 2, National Forum of Doctoral Education in Nursing; Series 3, International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing; Series 4 Presentations and Publications; Series 6 Research

 The bulk of the collection is Dr Ketefian’s writings found in Series 4, Presentations and Publications which cover the years 1974 – 2005.

Series Descriptions

Series 1: Correspondence

Professional and general correspondence, 1984-2001, 2006-2007 – BULK 1992-2001. Correspondence related directly to the National Forum, INDEN, and publications are listed within those series.

Series 2: National Forum of Doctoral Education in Nursing

Papers from Dr. Ketefian’s work with the National Forum of Doctoral Education in Nursing.  Papers include correspondence, meeting planning, speaker information, papers presented.  Dr. Ketefian chaired and hosted the 1995 Forum. 1983-1996.

Series 3: International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing

Papers and literature from the biennial conferences -1997-2009.

Series 4: Presentations and Publications

Presentations given by and publications written by Dr. Ketefian for various conferences and journals.  Individual files may include correspondence, various drafts and/or the final published items.  1973-2005.

Series 5: Research

Two major research projects are represented in the collection: research on moral and ethical behavior of nurses and research for a kidney transplant study.  1977-1990. 

Box and Folder List



Series 1: Correspondence

Box 1:

1.      1984-85 (general and professional) 2.      1985-86 (professional)

3.      1988-1989 (general and professional

4.      1989/90 (general and professional)

5.      1992-1993 (professional and miscellaneous)

6.      1993-1994 (professional and miscellaneous)

7.      1994-1995 (professional and miscellaneous)

8.      1995-1996 (professional and miscellaneous)

9.      1995-1996 (International)

10.  1996-1997 (professional)

11.  1997/98 (professional and miscellaneous)

12.  1998-1999 (professional)

13.  2000-2001 (professional)

14.  2006-07 (professional)

Series 2: National Forum of Doctoral Education in Nursing

1.       National Forum, 1983-84

2.       National Forum, 1985

3.       National Forum, 1986

4.       National Forum,  1987/1988 

5.       National Forum, 1989

6.       National Forum, 1991

7.       National Forum, 1992

8.       National Forum, 1993

9.       National Forum, 1994

10.   National Forum, 1995:  planning 1994-1995

11.   National Forum, 1995: Minutes

12.   National Forum ,1995: speakers

13.   National Forum ,1995: speakers/events

14.   National Forum ,1995

15.   National Forum, 1995:  proceedings

16.   National Forum, 1996

Series 3: International Network for Doctoral Education (INDEN)

1.   INDEN 1997 Vancouver, Canada

2.   INDEN 1999 London, England

3.   INDEN 2001 Copenhagen, Denmark

4.   INDEN 2003 Toronto, Canada

5.   INDEN 2005 Taipei, Taiwan

6.   INDEN 2007 Tokyo, Japan

7.   INDEN 2009 Durban, South Africa

Series 4: Presentations and Publications

Files consist of manuscripts (manuscript drafts sometimes have different titles than the published article – the listed titles are to the published articles when available), research, published articles, correspondence with publishers, and/or notes. Articles include writing by Dr. Ketefian, and in collaboration with others.  Writings are arranged chronologically by year, and then alphabetically by title.  

Box 2:   


  1. 1973 “In search of a faculty position in academia”
  2. 1974 “Sources of knowledge utilized in curriculum change in nursing education”
  3. 1974 “Trends in Curricular Innovations in Nursing Education”
  4. 1975 “Application of selected nursing research findings into nursing practice”
  5. 1975 “Translation of theory into nursing practice and education”
  6. 1976 “Curriculum change in nursing education”
  7. 1976 “Perspectives on the code for nurses”
  8. 1978 “Strategies of Curriculum Change”
  9. 1979 “Ethical dilemmas nursing and their resolution” and research notes
  10. 1979 “Exploring the moral atmosphere of institutions” and research information
  11. 1979 “Need for study – significance”
  12. 1979 “Moral development, cognitive development and moral action
  13. 1979 “Research challenge fund proposal”
  14. 1980 “An investigation of the relationship between critical thinking, educational preparation and moral judgment development among selected groups of nursing practitioners”
  15. 1980 “Using research in practice: selected issues in the translation of research to nursing practice
  16. 1981 “Judgments about nursing decisions” and research information
  17. 1981 “Critical thinking, educational preparation, and development of moral judgment among selected groups of practicing nurses
  18. 1981 “Moral reasoning and moral behavior among selected groups of practicing nurses” includes published article and draft manuscripts
  19. 1982 “Forward” (published in Topics of Clinical Nursing vol. 4, number 1, April 1982 – information from Dr. Ketefian’s folder label)
  20. 1982 :Measuring moral behavior in nursing : research strategy in tool development
  21. 1982 “Tool development in nursing: construction of a scale to measure moral behavior
  22. 1983 “The relationship of perceived job autonomy and perceived job pressure to moral behavior among registered nurses”
  23. 1983 Seven factor solution
  24. 1984 “The relationship of professional and bureaucratic role conceptions to moral behavior among nurses” manuscripts and research
  25. 1984 Report on the Conference on Doctoral Programs in Nursing – – Consensus for Quality
  26. 1985 “The science of discovering what we know”
  27. 1986 “Education for ethical decision making”
  28. 1986 Myrtle K. Aydelotte’s presentation paper : “The Vision – nursing’s preferred future”
  29. 1987 “A case study of theory development: moral behavior in nursing
  30. 1987 “Measuring quality of the school of nursing graduate program”
  31. 1987 “Selected predictors of success a master’s degree program in nursing”
  32. 1988 “An ethical framework for nursing service administration” and research
  33. 1989 “Moral reasoning and ethical practice in nursing: measurement issues” published article and draft manuscripts
  34. 1989 “Moral reasoning…” folder 2
  35. 1989 book chapter – Chapter 8 – “Moral and ethical dimensions of nursing practice”
  36. 1990 “Education for nursing administration: an agenda for the twenty-first century”   (1 of 2)
  37. 1990 “Education for nursing administration: an agenda for the twenty-first century”   (2 of 2)
  1. 1990 “Ethics research in nursing: knowledge yield and next steps”
  2. 1990 “Measurement of appraisal and coping processes in kidney transplant recipients and their family members”
  3. 1990 “Stress, coping, and quality of life in family members of kidney transplant recipients”
  4. 1990 “The stress-coping process in kidney transplant recipients and their family members: a comparison” (4 copies)

 Series 4: Presentations and Publications (continued)

Box 3:

1.    1991 “Doctoral preparation for faculty roles: expectations and realities” 

2.      1992 “The changing face of graduate education: a viewpoint”

3.      1992 “Essentials of doctoral education: organization of program around knowledge areas

4.      1992 “Effects of professionalization of nursing roles

5.      1995 “A causal model of nurses’ organizational commitment

6.      1996 “Application of research to practice”

7.      1996 “Development of a model of nurses’ organizational commitment”

8.      1996 “Inpatient and ambulatory patient satisfaction with nursing care: a manual” 

9.      1996 “A missing research tradition” 

10.  1996 “Moral and ethical dimensions of nursing practice”

11.  1997 copy of Theresa L. Carroll’s paper: “The history of the council on graduate education for administration in nursing: 1970-1999”

12.  1998 “Organization of nursing systems: the search for quality in nursing care”  

13.  1998 “Construction of thematic directions”

14.  1998 “Development of the ethical dimensions in nursing theory”

15.  1998 “The influence of job characteristics on nurses’ ethical practice”

16.  1998 “Relationship of staff nurses’ strength of culture, job satisfaction, and inpatient evaluation with nursing care”

17.  1999  Commencement address, Oakland University, School of nursing

18.  1999-2000 Editorials, Journal of Professional Nursing

19.  2001 “Issues in the application of research to practice”

20.  2001 “Nurse scientist preparation”

21.  2002 “The effects of organizational culture on nursing professionalism: implications for health resource planning”

22.  2002 “Global network explores diversity and opportunity in nurse education”

23.  2005 Doctoral education in nursing: International perspectives

Series 5: Research

Two research studies are represented – the first on moral and ethical behavior of nurses (1977-1987), and the second on a Kidney Transplant study (1986-1990).  These files consist of proposals, reports, bibliographies and questionnaires.  

Box 4:

Folder:Moral and Ethical Behavior of Nurses 1977-1987

1.       Correspondence, Bibliography

2.       Research Proposals

3.       Critical thinking guidelines

4.       Project statement

5.       Ethical choices survey

6.       Project abstracts

7.       Prospectus

8.       Project Reports

9.       Appendix

10.   Progress report                   

 Kidney Transplant Study 1986-1990

            ** Folder 13 is RESTRICTED**

1.       Project proposal

2.       Blank family member questionnaires

3.       Blank family member questionnaires

4.       Blank questionnaires

 5.       Questionnaire instructions

 6.       Blank Questionnaires

 7.       Questionnaire manual

 8.       Proposals and progress reports

 9.       Progress reports

 10.   Funding requests

 11.   Proposal renewal

 12.   Final report


Kerry Shermer April, 2017

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