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St. Peter’s Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association

The St. Peter’s Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association collection includes yearbooks, a nurses cap and papers and memorabilia of prominent alumnae of the Albany, NY nursing school such as Marion Sheahan Bailey.


Index code: MC37

Finding Guide:

Finding Aid for the St. Peter’s Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association   

Compiled by Marianne K. Lettus, EdD, RN, November 2009


VOLUME: 2.00 cubic feet
ACQUISITION: The items in this collection were donated to the Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses by the following individuals: Lorraine Macbeth, President of the Alumnae Association, May, 2003
Barbara Ellsworth Rutherford, October, 2003
Arlene Valent Abrams, August, 2004
Kathy and Joe Turcotte, September, 2008
ACCESS: This collection is open to the public by appointment.
COPYRIGHT: Please consult the repository for information about duplication or publishing of any materials from this collection.
St. Peter's Hospital Alumnae Association Papers (MC37), Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History, Foundation of New York State Nurses, Guilderland, NY

Administrative Sketch

St Peter’s Hospital in Albany, New York was established in 1869 under the auspices of the Sisters of Mercy. The Training School for Nurses was established 1900 and had its first 19 graduates in 1903.The hospital moved to its present location on New Scotland Avenue in August, 1930. The School of Nursing closed in 1970. During this time it prepared many distinguished graduates, among them Marion Sheahan Bailey whose papers are part of this collection. Marion Sheahan Bailey, who was respected for her practical approach and strong will, strongly influenced the nursing profession and health care. She served in a variety of leadership positions such as Director, New York State Health Department, Bureau of Public Health Nursing and Associate General Director, National League for Nursing. The collection also includes information on other alumnae as well a school yearbooks.

Scope and Contents Notes

This collection contains the first yearbook published in 1932 as well as yearbooks from the decade of 1959 to 1969. Papers from noted alumnae Marion Sheahan Bailey and Mary Frances O’Brien Tully are included. The collection also includes student caps and a uniform.

Series Descriptions

Series 1: School Yearbooks 1932, 1959-1969
1.0 cubic footThis very small series contains a copy of the first yearbook in 1932 and copies of yearbooks from 1959-1969 with the exception of 1967.
Series 2: Alumnae
0.4 cubic footThis very small series contains several files on Marion Sheahan Bailey, a 1913 alumna and a file on Mary Frances O’Brien Tully, a 1918 graduate and a member of the Army Nurse Corps from 1918-1919, as well as information on the Alumnae Association.
Series 3: Textiles
0.6 cubic footThis very small series contains school uniform 1953 and two student caps.

Box and Folder List

Series 1: School Yearbooks

Box 1

  1. The Chart-1932
  2. Crossed Keys-1959
  3. Crossed Keyes-1959 (duplicate)
  4. Crossed Keys- 1960
  5. Crossed Keys-1960 (duplicate)
  6. Crossed Keys 1961
  7. Crossed Keys-1962
  8. Crossed Keys-1963
  9. Crossed Keys-1963 (duplicate)
  10. Crossed Keys-1964
  11. Crossed Keys-1964 (duplicate)
  12. Crossed Keys-1965
  13. Crossed Keys-1965 (duplicate)
  14. Crossed Keys-1966
  15. Crossed Keys-1966 (duplicate)
  16. Crossed Keys-1968
  17. Crossed Keys-1969
  18. Crossed Keys-1969 (duplicate)
  19. Excerpts from 1912 Skull-picture of Albert Vander Veer M.D.

Series 2: Alumnae

Box 2

  1. Marion Sheehan Baily-autobiographical information and awards
  2. Marion Sheehan Bailey-nursing pins
  3. Marion Sheehan Bailey-photographs
  4. Marion Sheehan Bailey-Honorary Doctorate Diploma, Adelphi College,1950
  5. Marion Sheehan Bailey-Security Investigation,1955 [RESTRICTED ACCESS]
  6. Marion Sheehan Bailey-Honorary doctorate Diploma, Western Reserve University,1961
  7. Marion Sheehan Bailey-Distinguished Service Award,1958
  8. Marion Sheehan Bailey-Videotaped Interview-1972
  9. Mary Frances O’Brien Tully-1918 memorabilia and Diploma
  10. Barbara Ellsworth Rutherford, 1953, handbook-1950
  11. Alumnae Banquet, 2003-memorabilia

Series 3: Textiles

Box 3

  1. Nursing uniform-dress, apron and belt-donated by Barbara Ellsworth Rutherford, 1953
  2. (2) caps with school seal

Gertrude B. Hutchinson December, 2009

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